Sunday, January 1, 2023

Random Thoughts from Mastodon

New Mastodon user here, thinking of features Twitter doesn't have that might set Mastodon apart. What I'd like is the ability to hide any post that contains a specified string (e.g.,

We are enjoying unusually good fall colors here in Richardson, Texas...and beautiful weather for at least a day or so.

Periodic reminder: Confederate Heroes Day is still a state holiday in Texas.

It's long past time for Jerry Jones to step away from the Dallas Cowboys. His era, 1957, which he has never adequately stepped away from, is long gone.

"Richardson ISD and Frisco ISD had school board elections last year. In both cases, some candidates objected to being characterized as being "book banners." The outcomes in the two elections were quite different. The book banners lost in RISD. They won in Frisco ISD. The consequences are now being felt."

On the Richardson City Council agenda is an item to review the city's social media launch for its Convention and Visitors Bureau. I find it ironic that the City wants to promote a Visitors Bureau so soon after passing an ordinance to discourage short term rentals.

If the Georgia run-off taught us one thing, it's that R’s need to focus on candidate quality. Like maybe not think of wanting to run someone whose namesake company has been convicted of 17 counts of felony tax fraud.

"Joyful and Triumphant." I've heard those words sung in that Christmas carol since childhood. But recently at a church concert these same words were belted out by a church choir at the top of their lungs singing songs I have never heard before. Not just one song. The whole concert was one of Christian triumphalism sung loud and proud. To me, Christmas carols never sounded quite so, well, contrary to Christian humility. But that could just be me.

"Volodymyr Zelensky" (sic) is TIME's POYY (sic).

Headline: "WNBA star Brittney Griner released from Russian prison in a high-profile prisoner swap."
Thanks, Joe.

Finally, something both Dems and GOP can celebrate. Dems thankful for an American released. GOP for a Russian.

According to RISD policy "Access to challenged material shall not be restricted during the reconsideration process." If, as a poster elsewhere alleges, "The district has begun pulling books from shelves and classroom libraries for "review"" in response to parents' complaints, then the RISD is violating their own policy. This seems like an allegation that needs to be answered.

Tornado watch in effect for most of North Texas. Nothing says winter in Texas like tornadoes. With climate change, tornado season is now pretty much from January to December. [/snark]

Despite today's exciting news, when will fusion energy be cost-effective? That's still decades away. Why? It's because we're not serious about investing in it. The US invests $700 million/year on fusion research. Sounds like a lot. But compare that to the current cost of a single SLS/Orion moon rocket of $4.1 billion per launch. Then tell me which investment we're serious about.

I've been told by a good source inside the district that, this year, they know of only one book that has been removed from RISD inventory for failure to meet district criteria. Something is going on, but it doesn't appear to be exactly what's being alleged.

I drove by a street corner in Dallas yesterday where a grizzled old man was standing on the corner with a cardboard sign that read: "Lost my job as a stripper. Need $$$ for glitter."

One case where the actor's name seems better suited for a sci-fi character than the name the fiction writers actually gave him: Diego Luna as Cassian Andor.

I'm at a Christmas concert and they have the music program online. It's great. I can have my phone out and my eyes glued to the screen and everyone thinks I'm following along.

I keep seeing stories about "Twitter Files this" and "Twitter Files that." Each time I expect it to be "Twitter Files Bankruptcy".

CNN: "Zelensky on his way to Washington in US military jet to meet Biden as war with Russia enters new phase."
Wait. What? I saw nothing wrong with reporting Elon Musk's whereabouts, but if there is one person who needs privacy while in the air, it's Zelensky.

The football gods meted out justice. Ohio State couldn't even win their own conference. They had no business playing for the national championship. Of course TCU lost its conference championship game, but they did have their conference's best overall record. Georgia is the only deserving champion, despite winning by the other team's missed field goal. Football isn't fair.

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Steve Salavarria said...

Instead of "discourage short term rentals" I viewed the ordinance more as one that will hopefully "encourage better management of short term rentals".

Mark Steger said...

Steve Salavarria, thanks for your feedback. Your view is a valid one. Others have gone even farther and said that by codifying STRs, the City is explicitly legalizing them, which in effect encourages STRs by removing any doubts property owners might have had about their legality. Which way will the balance tip? Time will tell.