Thursday, November 11, 2021

Dr. Stone's Talk: The Power of Love

"RISD’s diversity is a community strength, and as educators we have an obligation to curate an inclusive academic and social culture rooted in equitable practices and opportunities."

So states the Richardson ISD. The policy was developed by the RISD community. Apparently not everyone is on board.

"Get this shit out of our Texas schools now!!!!"

That tweet was in reply to tweets by RISD Superintendent Jeannie Stone, who was a guest speaker at a student-run equity club at White Rock Elementary School in Lake Highlands. Here are the tweets (and one more reply tweet for good measure.

"Leave the kids alone you fucking creep."

This is what Dr. Stone is up against. This is what RISD is up against. This is what we all are up against. This person may think it's an effective put-down, but instead it just reinforces the need for RISD's Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion policy.

Ironically, a 6th-grader in attendance shows more maturity than the tweeter. In her notes from the talk, she writes, then highlights, Dr. Stone's words of advice, "Don't believe in put-downs. Be the best person you can be!"

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glbeach said...

I am shocked by the vulgarity of the "Tweeters", hiding in anonymity and shouting such vulgar, ugly words.