Thursday, August 11, 2011

Cool Enough For You?

The streak of consecutive 100-degree days is over at 40, two days shy of the all-time record set in 1980. The Twitterverse is filled with Dallasites who are disappointed. It seems like I'm the only one who is happy. Today is more comfortable than any day since sometime in June. The threat of brownouts is lessened. We'll get to talk about something other than the weather again.

Was it just me or did anyone else find it unseemly to be cheering for the streak to continue? Was there also open cheering for the Mississippi River to rise just another few inches to top the sandbags? I wanted to say, "Hello?!? Do you know people are dying from heat stroke?"

All for an arbitrary record. If, like the whole rest of the world, we measured temperature on the Celsius scale instead of Fahrenheit, we'd have a whole different set of streaks to compare to. Does anyone even know what the longest streak of days over 40 degrees C is? Is anyone even aware that if we used the weather station at Love Field instead of DFW Airport for the "official" statistics, this streak would have been broken in mid-July? Who spent the last 40 days all at DFW Airport anyway?

On the other hand, the streak did give me one good memory. That was a tweet from a forgotten wag who said, "The last time the Heat was this bad in Dallas was during the NBA Finals." It warms my heart recalling that.

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