Tuesday, August 9, 2011

83 And Under

Restaurant Scores
The Health Department of the City of Richardson conducts inspections of restaurants on a regular basis. The department publishes the results for all to see. According to the city, "Scores are based on a scale of zero to 100. A score of 90 to 100 is excellent; 80 to 89 is good; 70 to 79 is acceptable; and 60 to 69 is marginal."

It's rare for any restaurant to be scored below "acceptable." Most are good or even excellent. Many achieve a perfect 100 score. After the jump, a list of under achievers.

Restaurants in the list below are under-achievers. They are the restaurants rated 83 and below on their latest inspection. Why 83? That's still "good" in the city's estimation. But it's lower than the scores for dozens of other restaurants in the city of Richardson. It's a score that should encourage you to do better. Why not excellence for everyone? It's not impossible. A large number of restaurants score a perfect 100.

Restaurants that score 83 and under will be taken out of my own personal rotation of eating places until their next inspections show they can do better.

How do your own favorite eating places stack up? How many are on this list of under-achievers?

Inspected Restaurant Score
4/28/2011 Exotic Foodline LLC 752 S Sherman St 83
5/5/2011 Glory Chinese Restaurant 1240 E Belt Line Rd 83
5/24/2011 Holy Frijoles Tex Mex Restaurant 580 W Arapaho Rd 83
6/27/2011 Yung Kee Restaurant 400 N Greenville Ave 83
7/13/2011 Tian Tian Supermarket 400 N Greenville Ave 83
7/25/2011 Cajun Corner Seafood Kitchen 1600 N Plano Rd 83
7/26/2011 Dimassis Mediterranean Buffet 180 W Campbell Rd 83
7/27/2011 Jumbo Super Buffet 730 W Spring Valley Rd 83
8/3/2011 First Chinese B.B.Q. 111 S Greenville Ave 83
5/18/2011 Amigos 940 E Belt Line Rd 82
6/8/2011 Oriental Express 1600 N Plano Rd 82
6/27/2011 Masala Wok 1310 W Campbell Rd 82
7/26/2011 Taco Cabana #282 2041 N Central Expy 81
7/27/2011 Canyon Creek Country Club Grill 625 Lookout Dr 81
4/6/2011 Mr. Gatti's 2115 E Belt Line Rd 80
6/22/2011 Chicago Pizzeria 1851 N Greenville Ave 80
7/27/2011 Canyon Creek Country Club Main Kitchen 625 Lookout 80
3/21/2011 Petra Mediterranean Diner 101 S Coit Rd 79
5/11/2011 UTD - Main Kitchen 800 W Campbell Rd 79
5/31/2011 Yum Yum Greek Restaurant 141 N Plano Rd 79
4/4/2011 Fresh N Tender Meat Market 796 S Floyd Rd 78
4/14/2011 Golden Joy BBQ 1475 E Belt Line Rd 78
6/21/2011 Baleadas Express Restaurant 1486 W Spring Valley Rd 78
6/28/2011 Vitality House 800 N Coit Rd 77
5/4/2011 M.Y. House Fine Eats & Catering 2025 Promenade 76
4/15/2011 Sultan Cafe 201 S Greenville Ave 74
5/23/2011 Joy Kitchen 1455 Buckingham Sq 73
5/23/2011 Schlotzsky's 1370 E Belt Line Rd 72

P.S. I've eaten at the Schlotzsky's on Belt Line Rd many times. I've never noticed anything to concern me. Still, I think the next time I'm hungry for a delectable sandwich composed of a unique combination of premium meats, cheeses, and marinated black olives served on hot sourdough bread, I'll go to the Schlotzsky's restaurant a few blocks north on Plano Rd. (Maybe. Its score? 87.) Or the one on Coit Rd. (Its score? 88.) Come on, Schlotzsky's. I know you can all do Lotz! better.

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