Tuesday, November 8, 2022

Mediterranean Antiquities

Ellen and I cruised the Mediterranean Sea with a Viking ocean cruise. Here are the daily posts we made reporting our progress.

1. Guess where we are.

2. My favorite street sign in Barcelona.

3. My favorite street sign in Sète, France.

4. Halloween: It's not just for Americans. Vive la Fête.

5. Guess where we are.

6. It's reassuring to know when you are at sea that the Batman is nearby in his batship.

7. Guess where we are. The usual "before" tourist photo and the rarer "after" photo showing the results of all that pushing.

8. Guess where we are. And no, the answer isn't New Orleans.

9. Guess where we are. Hint: the ice cream here is delicious. And, oh yeah, nearby is a nice church.

10. Guess where we are. No jokes. Too soon.

11. Guess where we are. Autumn colors are visible, but I guess that could be a lot of places in the Northern Hemisphere. Hint: that's not Vesuvius in the background.

12. Guess where we are. OK, this one isn't fair. As you can see from the background, we are at sea. And misleadingly, the leafless tree might suggest it's winter here, whereas it's anything but. So I'll just tell you. We are cruising the Ionian Sea. So the real question for you is, where is the Ionian Sea?

13. Guess where we are. Just an idyllic setting in the Mediterranean.

14. Guess where we are. Our trip hasn't been all fun and games. For example, today we are at the library.

15. Guess where we are. OK, this is too easy, but as it's our last stop on our trip I thought you deserved one last easy challenge.

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Mark Steger said...

Locations of the photos:
1. Flamenco La Quimera, Madrid, Spain
2. Barcelona, Spain
3. Sète, France
4. Avignon, France
5. Nice, France
6. Livorno, Italy
7. Pisa, Italy
8. Piazza della Repubblica, Florence, Italy
9. Vatican City
10. Pompeii, Italy
11. Mt. Etna, Sicily, Italy
12. Ionian Sea, midway between Sicily and Crete
13. Chania, Crete, Greece
14. Library of Celsus, Ephesus, Turkey
15. Parthenon, Athens, Greece