Saturday, July 13, 2019

POTD: My Uglich Watch

From 2018 08 19 Uglich

Today's photo-of-the-day is from Uglich, Russia. There's a story behind it. I haven't worn a wrist watch in years. But I was in Uglich. How could I resist buying a watch in Uglich? Uglich was known as a watch-making center in Russia. Nikita Khrushchev, while attending the 1955 Geneva Summit, bragged that Uglich watches were better than Swiss watches because, as the joke goes, Russian watches run faster. So I decided I'd buy an Uglich watch, as long as the price was cheap. I set a price limit of $30. I found a souvenir stall where the seller, when he learned my price limit, just happened to have a large supply of watches right at that price of $30. Who could have guessed my luck? I picked out the perfect watch at this souvenir stand. It featured "President of Russia" on the face, along with a tsarist double-headed eagle and Vladimir Putin's signature. Later that day, Ellen said it was time for dinner. I said we still had an hour. She said no we didn't. I double checked my new watch and noticed it had stopped running. So much for my Uglich watch.

Close-up after the jump.

From 2018 08 19 Uglich
Back home, after our trip, I replaced the battery and my Uglich watch started running again. But when I tried to set the time, the stem broke. Again, so much for my Uglich watch.

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