Friday, June 30, 2017

Day Zero

The Prelude is over. In the next movement, shit gets real.

The day you receive your new cells is often called "Day Zero". It's your new birthday. The cells are put into your body through an intravenous line. The procedure is like a blood transfusion. The donated cells 'know' where they belong in the body. They move through your bloodstream to settle in your bone marrow. This is where the cells will begin to grow and produce new red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets.

Transfusion is underway.

Bone marrow transplant complete.

End of Day Zero.
Bone marrow donor and recipient.
Both doing great.

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Mark Steger said...

We are at Day +139 and just received test results showing no presence of Ellen's original white blood cells in her blood. It's now 100% donor cells, which was the goal of a bone marrow transplant. Previously, a bone marrow biopsy also showed no sign of cancerous cells in her marrow. In Ellen's words, "I am SOOOOOOO excited!!!!!"