Thursday, June 1, 2017

Repeat Tweets: Iconic Art Space is At Risk

Repeat tweets from May, 2017:

  • May 2 2017: Have you ever been to the UT-Dallas Art Barn? This may be your last chance. The iconic art space is at risk.
  • May 2 2017: The Circle (2017): Telegraphed morality tale about loss of privacy to online big data. Nothing novel here. Watch Black Mirror instead. C-
  • May 3 2017: "James Comey Says He's 'Mildly Nauseous' at Suggestions He Swayed Election." Word nerd alert: Yes he is and he makes me feel nauseated.
  • May 4 2017: Beauty and the Beast (2017): Visual feast but uninspired remake of Disney 1991 animated movie. Most believable beast and love story yet. C+

After the jump, more repeat tweets.

  • May 4 2017: RT @ezraklein: "House R’s to vote for a bill that literally moves money from health insurance for poor to tax cuts for rich."
    Dems act shocked. When will it dawn on them that their friends and neighbors who voted GOP want this? For them, it's a feature not a flaw.
  • May 6 2017: Hotel Beau Séjour (TV): Supernatural murder mystery in small town where everybody has a dark secret. Well written and acted. A-
  • May 6 2017: Irony. GOP in 1950s worked to unmask communists.
    GOP in 2010s looks the other way as Russia infiltrates US elections and White House.
  • May 6 2017: French Macron campaign hit with huge email hack. US Dems, too. You know who wasn't hit? Hillary's private email server. Smart woman.
  • May 7 2017: The White Helmets (2016): Documentary short about most admirable men in world - volunteer first responders in Syrian war. Renews hope. A-
  • May 10 2017: Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 (2017): Star Wars with more wisecracks and explosions. Same "I am your dad." More Cat Stevens, please. C+
  • May 10 2017: I can't wait to see Trump's reaction to press coverage when the honeymoon period of his presidency ends.
  • May 10 2017: "The increase in RISD property values is reducing the state funding received by RISD."
    Capisce? We don't keep it.
  • May 10 2017: Linda Koop voted to fund religious adoption agencies while giving right to refuse service to Jews, Muslims and LGBT.
  • May 11 2017: RT @Acosta: "WH furious over Russian government photos of Trump meeting with Lavrov/Kislyak. 'They tricked us,' an official said of Russians 'They lie.'"
    It's like American voters benched the Warriors last November and put a Saturday pick up league team into the game against the Russians.
  • May 11 2017: I wish Mike Hashimoto good health. But I won't lament his departure from the DMN's editorial page. Example of why:
  • May 11 2017: "Jefferson Davis disappears as New Orleans removes tribute to ‘lost cause of the Confederacy’" Headline in 2017. SMH
  • May 12 2017: 20th Century Women (2016): Single mom enlists help in raising teen boy in 1979 LA. Great acting. Great evocation of the period. Feminism. B-
  • May 12 2017: Headline: "White House Says John Cornyn Among FBI Director Candidates." Of course. He's demonstrated loyalty to Trump over the Constitution.
  • May 13 2017: How did Van Taylor and Don Huffines, two big enemies of public schools in Texas, end up representing the RISD?
  • May 15 2017: Remember last summer when GOP warned us that Russians would learn secrets by hacking Hillary's emails? So glad those fears are behind us.
  • May 15 2017: I'm old enough to remember when Republicans would lose it because the President wore a tan suit, saying it made him unfit to be President.
  • May 16 2017: To Build a Castle: 1979 memoir of a Soviet dissident, newly relevant again. Prisons, mental hospitals, principled resistance, all here. C+
  • May 16 2017: A bully. A blowhard. Ill-informed. Impulsive. All descriptions of one man. Five points if you can guess who I'm thinking of.
  • May 16 2017: So, basically, 538 is predicting this year's NBA championship will be won by Hillary Clinton. @NateSilver538
  • May 17 2017: Colossal (2016): Days of Wine and Roses with big monsters. More a study of alcoholism and codependency than a sci-fi movie. Different. B-
  • May 19 2017: Snatched (2017): Mother/daughter buddy comedy. Amy Schumer gets the good lines, not Goldie Hahn. Better than my low expectations for it. C+
  • May 22 2017: The Lobster (2015): Hotel where singles get turned into animals. Black comedy with deadpan, robotic style. Watch Black Mirror instead. D+
  • May 22 2017: Bill Ames was appointed to textbook review cmte in 2009, just when he says academic performance collapsed. Coincidence?
  • May 24 2017: Get your forecasts from David Finfrock or Dan Henry. Other local weatherman don't have a clue, or won't tell us.
  • May 24 2017: King Arthur (2017): Giant elephants, squids and Kung Fu George in medieval England. Knights with no armor. Over-acted, over-stuffed. D+
  • May 25 2017: RT @MrGeorgeWallace: "Misdemeanor citation?! If I went up to Montana and did that shit I'd be UNDER a damn jail by now." Democrats are learning what blacks have known since forever - the Constitution and justice system won't protect you.
  • May 26 2017: What We Do in the Shadows (2014): Mock doc. Cult classic. 4 vampires share a flat and house chores in NZ. Clever concept lacking a plot. C+
  • May 26 2017: RT @NathanForTexas: "School finance reform - the most important objective of this biennium - falls to the petulance and hubris of Dan Patrick & Don Huffines."
    I'll consider voting for anyone who can send Don Huffines home and will support adequate funding for public schools.
  • May 27 2017: RT @realDonaldTrump: "I will make my final decision on the Paris Accord next week!"
    Tune in. Same bat-shit time. Same bat-shit channel.
  • May 30 2017: The romance is gone when after a date you say to your wife, "Do you want to go to my place?" and she hears, "Do you want to go to Michaels?"
  • May 30 2017: Pirates of the Caribbean (2017): Jack Sparrow's an old drunk. Movie franchise is just old. Too many characters. Too many ships. Too much. D+
  • May 31 2017: Spoiler alert: Covfefe is the name of The Donald's childhood sled.

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