Monday, July 3, 2017

Repeat Tweets: CEO of GE: Climate Change is Real

Repeat tweets from June, 2017:

  • Jun 1 2017: RT @JeffImmelt: "Disappointed with today’s decision on the Paris Agreement. Climate change is real. Industry must now lead and not depend on government." CEO of GE is just discovering what the rest of us have known for months. This government can't be depended on to do the right thing, ever.
  • Jun 1 2017: Right move by Elon Musk, but a little late to shower him with any praise. Only when his electric car business was threatened did he act.
  • Jun 1 2017: RT @rachelheldevans: "It's just so damn short-sighted, so isolationist and small, so gleefully ignorant, so pointless. #ParisAgreement" But it does piss off liberals, so there's that in its favor, according to scorecard used by Trump and the right.
  • Jun 1 2017: "A crucial crack in an Antarctic ice sheet grew 11 miles in only 6 days." Make Antarctica Great Again.
  • Jun 1 2017: Five Came Back (TV): Doc of 5 Hollywood directors who enlist in WWII to make movies for the war effort. Fascinating behind-the-scenes look.

After the jump, more repeat tweets.

  • Jun 2 2017: Alien: Covenant (2017): Inept crew, androids and aliens like monkeys in Oz. Exploding bodies. Dripping goo. Joe Bob says check it out. C+
  • Jun 2 2017: RT @FoxNews: ".@VP: "For some reason, this issue of climate change has emerged as a paramount issue for the left." For some reason.
  • Jun 2 2017: RT @BarackObama: "On this National Gun Violence Awareness Day, let your voice be heard and show your commitment to reducing gun violence." #wearorange. It doesn't have to mean taking your guns away. Seriously, if you care about reducing gun violence, we are on the same side.
  • Jun 3 2017: Pete Delkus downplays climate change: "Our climate has always changed and always will." Get science from Finfrock.
  • Jun 4 2017: RT @ChrisMurphyCT: "My god. @POTUS has no idea that the goal of terrorists is to instill a level of fear in the public disproportionate to the actual threat." tbh, I think that the terrorists' goal works to President Trump's personal political advantage as well.
  • Jun 4 2017: RT @PatrickSvitek: "@JasonVillalba has Dem challenger for #HD114: John Turner, Dallas lawyer and son of ex-U.S. Rep. Jim Turner, tells me he's running." @JasonVillalba blocked me on Twitter. I'm small enough to say that's reason enough for me to support John Turner's challenge.
  • Jun 5 2017: RT @USAmbGreece: "A soldier best remembered for what he did for peace - June 5 marks the 70th Anniversary of his speech at Harvard launching the Marshall Plan." Funny story...George C Marshall didn't complain that Europe wasn't paying its fair share. He rebuilt Europe for good of the world...and USA.
  • Jun 5 2017: School politics is so confusing. I support merit pay and oppose charter schools. Pop quiz: what color is my hat?
  • Jun 6 2017: Wonder Woman (2017): Best. Superhero. Ever. Movie is smart, funny, romantic, even believable for a comic book movie. Please, no sequels. B+
  • Jun 8 2017: Joshua: Teenager vs. Superpower (2017): In Egypt, Russia, even America, democracy retreats. Here, it's Hong Kong. Hope lies in youth. B+
  • Jun 8 2017: RT @MaxBoot: "Cornyn position: Obstruction of justice is just fine if it doesn't succeed." Remember: John Cornyn was on the Texas State Supreme Court before he was a Senator. Maybe all his old rulings should be dug up and reviewed.
  • Jun 8 2017: This is the moment when Donald Trump became President...Nixon.
  • Jun 8 2017: GOP response to news stories of Russia collusion and obstruction of justice... Before Comey: Fake news. After Comey: Old news.
  • Jun 9 2017: RT @lloydblankfein: "Just landed from China, trying to catch up.... How did 'infrastructure week' go?" CEO of Goldman Sachs is throwing shade at Donald Trump.
  • Jun 9 2017: Trump promises to testify under oath about former FBI Directory Comey's testimony, but not while his taxes are being audited.
  • Jun 13 2017: Passengers (2016): Think Robinson Crusoe in space. Or The Martian with fewer challenges to solve. Or a love story with a jerk of a guy. C-
  • Jun 13 2017: Wick Allison to Suburbs (re: DART): Drop Dead.
  • Jun 15 2017: Fantastic Beasts (2016): Magical suitcase mixup in 1920s NYC. Hogwarts meets Jumanji, Ghostbusters, Alien & MIB. See any of them instead. C-
  • Jun 15 2017: Headline: "House hearing on gun legislation canceled after shooting." Legislation is designed to weaken current law.
  • Jun 16 2017: Heathers: The Musical at PHS: Cliques, bullies, damaged kids. Black comedy with a body count. Meaty subject for high school. Powerful.
  • Jun 16 2017: RT @fmanjoo: "Amazon to Buy Whole Foods in $13.7 Billion Deal." I've always liked Amazon. I've always thought Whole Foods was overpriced and pretentious. How do I process this news? Cognitive dissonance.
  • Jun 16 2017: RT @bonojl (to @JasonVillalba): "You say in this article that you will vote your constituents' interests. Betting maj of them are against ESAs." Talking truth to power.
  • Jun 18 2017: RT @davidmackau: "Jake: So Trump said 'I'm under investigation' even though he isn't?" War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength. Trump's tweets speak for themselves. Ignore them.
  • Jun 18 2017: "No longer do Texas conservatives believe that government closest to the people is the best kind of government."
  • Jun 20 2017: The death knell: "Cotton Belt Debt Issuance Fails to Pass DART Board" (cheered, by the way, by D Magazine).
  • Jun 22 2017: CafĂ© Society (2016): Nostalgic '30s Hollywood & NY clubs & parties. Golden cinematography. Typical Woody Allen dialog. Watchable trifle. B-
  • Jun 22 2017: Drumbeat from Dallas to kill DART grows louder: "The best thing that could happen would be for suburbs to pull out."
  • Jun 23 2017: Tokyo Joe's closes: "I'm not sure that a healthy alternative was what Richardson was looking for." Ouch.
  • Jun 23 2017: RT @jaketapper: "The American Meteorological Society is in KC today - here's a letter they wrote to @SecretaryPerry re CO2." I doubt Ch 8's climate change denier Pete Delkus signed.
  • Jun 23 2017: RT @pvenable: "There you go again - referring to all our tax dollars as your money! (Sigh)" If tax dollars aren't the public's money, who do they belong to? (Double sigh)
  • Jun 26 2017: RT @RoguePOTUSStaff: "Reportedly, POTUS just became so angry he tried to tip over his desk. Tried three times before giving up. Now, angry and embarrassed." Low energy.
  • Jun 27 2017: Lynn Davenport disavows Dave Lieber's attack on Kristin Kuhne's consultant as pornographer. Better late than never.
  • Jun 27 2017: It is ironic that the self-proclaimed Watchdog doesn't respond to questions from the press.
  • Jun 28 2017: Anne with an E (TV: 2017): Simple story of a charming, imaginative girl turned into something much darker. Whimsy is lost. So is Anne. C+
  • Jun 28 2017: You can't win. If LISD didn't inform voters about upcoming bond, @MQSullivan would claim LISD is trying to pass a bond in dark of night.
  • Jun 28 2017: RT @mtranchin: "all five seats have just been filled with new board members who will prioritize the D2 subway, bus overhaul, and Dallas streetcar." Dallas throws the Cotton Belt line under the bus.
  • Jun 29 2017: RT @NateSilver538: "Some slightly better approval numbers for Trump lately." Normalization at work.

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