Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Repeat Tweets: UIL Realignment

Repeat tweets from February, 2016:

  • Feb 1 2016: New District 9-6A for 2016-2018: Coppell, Jesuit, Skyline, WT White, Richardson, Berkner, Lake Highlands, Pearce.
  • Feb 5 2016: Tangerine (2015): Christmas Eve on LA streets with trans prostitutes. Gritty, explicit and alien to this old straight guy. Great acting. A-
  • Feb 8 2016: Thomas Becket: History of rise and fall of a "Warrior, Priest, Rebel" 900 years ago. A great man (not perfect) by his actions not birth. A-

After the jump, more repeat tweets.

  • Feb 11 2016: Mad Max: Fury Road (2015): One long desert car chase with crashes, explosions and grunts. Mind-numbing. Cartoonish. Sexist. "Mediocre." D+
  • Feb 12 2016: Beasts of No Nation (2015): African child soldier. Violent, brutal, dehumanizing, heartbreaking. Powerful film-making. Why no Oscar nom? A+
  • Feb 17 2016: Inside Out (2015): Children's quest movie, all inside young girl's psyche with cartoon emotions in the lead. For kids, B+. For adults, C+
  • Feb 18 2016: The Propaganda Game (2015): Look inside North Korea and its brainwashed people. Can't help wondering if I'm not a little brainwashed too. B-
  • Feb 18 2016: "Texas Tech Basketball: The Legend of Keenan Evans." High praise for the former Berkner star. wreckemred.com
  • Feb 19 2016: The End of the Tour (2015): Five days with David Foster Wallace, brilliant, self-conscious, troubled author. All talk. Shallow. Flat. C+
  • Feb 20 2016: RT @amanbatheja: "Tonight is the first night in Ted Cruz's life when he was on a ballot and did not meet or beat expectations." Peak Cruz.
  • Feb 23 2016: Bridge of Spies (2015): Cold War prisoner exchange. Well-done, paint-by-numbers movie. Tom Hanks in what used to be a Gregory Peck role. B-
  • Feb 23 2016: Playoff Final: Richardson 86, WT White 54. Eagles soar! #txhshoops.
  • Feb 25 2016: Room (2015): Woman and son locked in backyard shed for years. Horrific premise, delicately treated. Faithful to novel, if more detached. B+
  • Feb 26 2016: The Martian (2015): Too far-fetched for serious drama, but mostly fun in a sciency, good way. Spoiler alert: of course he's saved. B-
  • Feb 29 2016: I received a robocall "survey" for Rubio. I was asked if my political values were 1) moderate 2) conservative 3) extremely conservative.
  • Feb 29 2016: I received a robocall for @AngieChenButton. I was told to vote for her because she opposed immigration from "Muslim terrorist countries."
  • Feb 29 2016: I sheepishly admit I hadn't heard the word merkin until last night.
  • Feb 29 2016: MT @marklamster: "@EricCeleste calls for the removal of city manger a.c. gonzalez. imho, the entire city manager system must go." The city manager system was a reform in response to abuses of the strong mayor system.