Thursday, October 31, 2013

The Premiere of Palisades Village

This is how it begins. A request for a zoning change.
Name/Location: ZF 13-13. Palisades. NW of Central Expy. & Galatyn Pkwy.

Project Information: A request by Larry Good, GFF Planning, representing JP Realty Partners, Ltd., for a change in zoning from LR-M(2) Local Retail, PD Planned Development, and TO-M Technical Office to PD Planned Development for the development of a pedestrian-oriented, mixed-use development on approximately 59.4 acres located on the west side of Central Expressway, generally bounded by Collins Boulevard to the west, Palisades Boulevard and Galatyn Parkway West Extension to the south, and Palisades Creek Drive to the north. The property is currently zoned LR-M(2) Local Retail, PD Planned Development, and TO-M Technical Office. Staff: Chris Shacklett.
After the jump, my early assessment.

I've been hard on Richardson's mixed-use, transit-oriented developments. All of them from Brick Row to (the non-existent one at) Arapaho Station to Galatyn Park to CityLine have had flaws that didn't have to be. Now the train has left the station on those opportunities. But it's just pulling into the station at Palisades Village. I think it's only fair that I speak up when I see a developer doing things right. And so far, Palisades Village is looking pretty good. Carry on. That is all.

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Mark Steger said...

You know that pedestrian bridge from Palisades to Galatyn DART station that I was so excited about? It sounds like that might be a case of bait and switch. At last night's CPC meeting, the bridge was described as "a future consideration."