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S2L77: Pamukkale, Turkey

Pamukkale, Turkey
April 13, 1977
Drove through snow. Had a swim in the hot pools. Walked through Roman ruins.
Source: Personal travel notes.

From 1977 04 08 Turkey

For thousands of years, people have been going to Pamukkale (roughly translated "cotton castle"), in southwest Turkey, to bathe in the hot springs on travertine terraces. So, who were we to do any differently?

The ancient Greco-Roman city of Hierapolis was built there (more on that in the next installment). According to Wikipedia, "As recently as the mid-20th century, hotels were built over the ruins of Hierapolis, causing considerable damage. ... When the area was declared a World Heritage Site [in 1988], the hotels were demolished." I don't know if my hotel was one of the offending modern intrusions, but, in my defense, in 1977 I was young, dumb and happy. Good times.

More photos of Pamukkale after the jump.

From 1977 04 08 Turkey
Konya to Pamukkale - that's snow

From 1977 04 08 Turkey
That's not snow!

From 1977 04 08 Turkey

From 1977 04 08 Turkey

From 1977 04 08 Turkey

From 1977 04 08 Turkey

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