Monday, August 19, 2013

Skates, Dogs, and Near-term Action Items

This week, the Plano City Council voted to build a new, $1 million outdoor skatepark. McKinney opened one earlier this year. Arlington has plans to build a dozen.
Source: Unfair Park.
Richardson has plans, too. Action items, even. Just don't read the fine print. More, after the jump.

The 2011-2013 Richardson City Council identified umpteen near-term action items. Included were these two:
I. Land Use and Development
Evaluate the development of a dog park.
Evaluate the development of a skate park.
Notice the verb. Not "develop." Not "build," "construct," or "make." No, the "action" is "evaluate." And the council did just that. From the March 30, 2012, Week In Review:
There is no land currently identified to provide space for either a dog or skate park, nor has funding been identified. Through ongoing study by the Parks and Recreation Department and the Parks and Recreation Commission, the City will continue to explore several issues related to both concepts, including location, funding, opportunities for grants and partnerships and best practices for building and operating the parks.
Aaaaaaand fade. Color that action item done. A promise kept. Unless you thought the verb "evaluate" meant more than just "Hmmm, no land, no money, well then, I guess no park."

Last week, the city council held two special meetings (called retreats) off-site, at the Eisemann Center, to deliberate the 2013-2015 council's near-term action items. It's ironic that this strategic planning supposedly to move Richardson forward is called a retreat. Stay tuned to find out which ideas the council will tease Richardson residents with this time.

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