Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Richardson's Racial Dot Map

Segregated Richardson

The map is a visualization of US Census data. The boundaries of the crop above are generally the boundaries of Richardson. It consists of one dot per person, color coded by the individual's race and ethnicity. Blue is white. Green is black. Red is Asian. Orange is Hispanic.

After the jump, some random observations.

  • The most diversity is in southeast Richardson and in the Panhandle.
  • Spring Valley Rd west of Central has a concentration of Hispanics.
  • Spring Valley Rd east of Central has a concentration of Asians.
  • Richardson north of Arapaho Rd has a concentration of whites.
  • UT-Dallas has a concentration of Asians.
  • Few people live along the DART line. (Crazy urban planning, right?)
  • RISD, which includes neighborhoods on both sides of Spring Valley Rd, is diverse at the macro level, but segregated at the neighborhood level.

Feel free to add your own observations in the comments.