Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Public Hearing on Richardson's Budget

Richardson's 2012-2013 budget forecast was balanced in the common usage sense of the word (revenues exceeded expenditures). The currently estimated budget actuals are not balanced in the common usage sense (expenditures exceed revenues), but by drawing down fund balances (by about $3 million!) the budget actuals are "balanced" in some bureaucratic sense that I still don't claim to fully understand.

Anyway, now it's on to 2013-2014. After the jump, another way to measure success.

Congratulations to the Richardson City Council and city staff on the proposed 2013-2014 budget. As we have already seen, the budget forecast is balanced in the common usage sense of the word (revenues exceed expenditures).

We won't know for another year whether the city will live up to this new budget forecast or will have to draw down fund balances yet again. That's what I'll be looking at next year to pass judgment on the city's fiscal discipline.

But there's another criterion that can be used today to judge this a good budget. That is resident acceptance of it. Judging by the fact that there were no public comments (zero, nada, zilch) during the public hearing held Monday night, I have to conclude that the residents are satisfied (one or more of happy, contented, appeased, resigned). That's deserving of recognition.

P.S. There'll be a second public hearing (on the tax rate) next Monday night. Still a chance for the discontented to voice their displeasure.

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