Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Mariners 21, Rangers 8

From 2012 00 Miscellaneous

21-8. That's not a football score. That's the score the Seattle Mariners ran up on the Texas Rangers Wednesday night. The game was a disappointment, but I do have to say we had good seats. Or a good view. Or something.

Another photo after the jump, to prove we were there.

From 2012 00 Miscellaneous

We were there. The proof is on the Jumbotron. If you zoom in and squint your eyes and tilt your head just so. Hint: look for the man in the top center holding up a camera. Self portrait!

P.S. We don't attend many games, but the ones we do turn out to be memorable. We were in the stands for Kenny Rogers' perfect game, for Raphael Palmeiro's 400th career home run, for the longest game in Rangers' history (18 innings in 2001), and now for the second most runs scored against the Texas Rangers in a game (the record is 23, set by the Athletics in 2000).


John Murphy said...

I was trying to determine what was happening on the field that would make you want to preserve it with a photo when I noticed the girl with the tattoo. With a 21-8 score, I don't blame you for loosing interest in the game.

Mark Steger said...

I can tell you what was happening on the field. The Mariners were taking batting practice all night long. So, the fans found other distractions to follow. Maybe this blog post should be titled, "The Girl with the Mermaid Tattoo." Not that I claim to have noticed or anything.