Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Where Are You From?

An American opens a window to Bulgaria:
"От къде си" or "Where are you from?" is one of the most frequent questions I’m asked. You’d think it would be an easy question to answer, but for me it’s not.
Brian, who is serving with the Peace Corps in Bulgaria, answers that question on his blog. Because so much of his answer involves family, and Brian's family is also my family, I found it not only interesting but personal. So, where are you from?

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mccalpin said...

I am from (1) Texas, and (2) Italy.

Texas because I was born and raised for 12 years in Beaumont, and then for most of the last XX years ;-) in the Dallas area (Richardson, Oak Cliff (Dallas), Irving, Addison).

Italy because I spent a year and a half there as a young man, learned to speak the language, traveled over much of the country, and chose to go there more than any other place.

To be succinct: I AM a Texan, but I have a special affinity for I often say, I don't necessarily want to spend the rest of my life in Italy (because of the economic troubles, labor troubles, stagnant job market, political messes, etc.)...but the next 5 years or so wouldn't be bad ;-)