Friday, December 23, 2011

Ride DART to the Stars Game

We drove to the Arapaho Center DART station. We chose to drive instead of walk. Because we're lazy, not because we didn't want to get our shoes muddy. 'Cause we wouldn't have. Anyway, we got to the train platform just as a train was arriving. It was an Orange Line special event train going direct to Victory Station. Right at the American Airlines Center. Sweet. After the game, another train was pulling into the Victory Station platform just as we walked up. A Red Line train back to Arapaho Center Station. Sweet. DART -- all in all, a great service.

Oh yeah, the Dallas Stars beat the Nashville Predators 6-3. Sweet.

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Mark Steger said...

Postscript: Because the Stars scored a goal in the third period, all fans were treated to a coupon good for a free taco at Taco Bueno. The arena employees were generous and we ended with two coupons each. Each coupon was good for only one taco per person. So, to use our coupons, we spent our Christmas Eve lunchtime going to two different Taco Buenos, sampling the fare at each. It's our new Christmas Eve tradition. We're calling it the Tour de Bueno. There's some debate in the family whether the tradition will have legs. We'll see next year.