Saturday, November 18, 2023

POTD: Genealogy in New Zealand

"On Tauranga's shore,
Ellen, kin reunited,
Photobombed by fate."

—h/t ChatGPT

From 2023 03 09 Tauranga

Today's photo-of-the-day is from Tauranga, New Zealand. Ellen poses with her DNA cousin and her husband. From DNA results, they know they are distantly related, but try as they might they have been unable to find a common ancestor. They suspect it's someone in Scotland, maybe in the 1700s. As I was taking this photograph, Mother Nature, as she is wont to do, serendipitously photobombed it with a young woman heavy with child, preggers as they might say in New Zealand (and if they don't say that, I apologize).

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