Monday, February 15, 2021

Doubling Down on a Dealbreaker Question

The ballots are now set. It's time to start winnowing the fields. On January 7, I wrote:
Don't tell me that Richardson politics should be kept separate from what's happening in Washington, DC. American democracy hangs in the balance. Local democracy can't survive if our national democracy fails. So, first things first. Before I can turn my attention to zoning issues, property or school taxes, bond elections, or any of the usual school and city issues, I need to know what, if anything, all of these local candidates think about the attempted coup in Washington, DC. I want to ask them if they support the President in his attempt to overturn the election.

A person can't support democracy locally and what Trump is doing nationally. And I can't support anyone who can't state that clearly. So, to all the local candidates: do you condemn Trump fanning the flames of insurrection at the US Capitol? No dodgy, cagey, duplicitous answers allowed. Give me a straight answer. Then I might listen to the usual Richardson politics and your appeal for my vote.

Source: The Wheel.
Only one candidate in a contested race for City of Richardson City Council answered. (Thank you, Joe Corcoran. Mayor Paul Voelker also answered me, and Bob Dubey answered a similar question posed by someone else.) No one from a contested race for Richardson ISD Board of Trustees answered. I still consider the wrong answer to the question whether a candidate supports President Trump's attempt to overthrow the election, to be a dealbreaker for me. Silence on the question is also a dealbreaker. I consider it that important for our democracy and our republic.


Eric Stengel said...

I not only condemn those terroristic acts committed in our Nation’s Capitol, but the lack of education received by the ignorant masses. The local school board seat is a valued unpaid position in our community where we have to ensure that our students are receiving the best quality education to become informed citizen voters of tomorrow. I unequivocally condone such abhorrent acts of violence and it all starts and ends with a quality education. Eric Stengel, Richardson ISD Board candidate place 7

Eric Stengel said...

My statement should reflect “do not condone.” Mea culpa” per fingers on my iPhone device. Eric Stengel

Mark Steger said...

Eric Stengel, thanks for your comment.

I've had a private comment from an officeholder, not a candidate, saying Trump's behavior was a disgrace. I wish this person would say this publicly.