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Trolling: "Beto Will Lose"

Trolling from September, 2018:
  • Sep 3 2018: RT @Redistrict: "Prediction: after all the hype, Beto will lose the epic 2018 TX Senate race by 1%, then settle for the 2020 Dem presidential nomination as a consolation prize."
    1. Beto losing by 1% is a prediction right in the margin of error.
    2. Predicting 2020 ahead of the 2018 mid-terms is a crap shoot.
    3. Winning the 2020 Dem presidential nomination is hard to imagine if he loses.
  • Sep 4 2018: Empower Texans. Remember the name. Anything published by Empower Texans is not done in good faith. Be on the watch for the billionaire.
  • Sep 4 2018: Eat Pray Vote.

After the jump, more trolling.

  • Sep 4 2018: RT @Daniel_Houston: "Anyway, this story is wild: 'What Happens if we hit Sperm Count Zero?'"
    Alarming. It definitely suggests we ought to be spending *more* money on basic scientific research...and, more important, taking action on what science is finding.
  • Sep 5 2018: RT @MattHennessey: "A high-school English teacher told me recently that she watches in amazement as her students Google basic facts and information that once formed the mere minimum of what a person should know by the time he or she reached adolescence."
    I consider this a compliment for Google. Students (and adults) have always lacked a grasp of "basic facts and information...a person should know by...adolescence." Now, instead of remaining ignorant, there's Google at your fingertips.
  • Sep 5 2018: The Most Unknown (2018): Documentary of scientists in diverse fields talking to each other about their work. Good to inspire kids about the cool places science is done (caves, oceans, mountains, etc.) but doesn't explain the science (dark matter, time, consciousness, etc.) C-
  • Sep 5 2018: "Decoherence and Disharmony": Rereading this blog post from February, 2016, I get chills down my spine. The portents of the Trump presidency were all there, back when I thought Trump was merely a buffoon and not a madman Americans might actually elect.
  • Sep 5 2018: Is @PolitiFactTexas run by Cruz's campaign? This tweet repeats Cruz's ridiculous claim, giving it wider circulation, and leaves the debunking to later, behind a link. How about tweeting the truth in the headline and burying the lie behind the link?
  • Sep 5 2018: Now that's better. Debunk the ridiculous claim up front. Don't make readers go to your link to learn Cruz is lying. Even better would be to give Beto's real position in the tweet and bury the ridiculous claim behind the link.
  • Sep 5 2018: Guess what? Ekaterina 2 is baaack! What gives? It was there. Then it wasn't. Now it's back. Exactly what can I expect tomorrow, Amazon Prime?
  • Sep 7 2018: "I looked the man in the eye. I found him to be very straightforward and trustworthy." -- George W Bush.
    Every 8 years an American president comes along who thinks he can partner with Putin. Every 8 years, Putin's power grows.
  • Sep 8 2018: RT @davidfrum: "The Trump economy is the Obama economy with higher inflation and lower real wage growth."
    Give the man his due. Trump hasn't screwed up the basic indicators of the short-term economy.
  • Sep 8 2018: RT @MattMarcotte: "Hey, @LindaKoopHD102, in response to your voicemail, the best thing you can do is (a) endorse Mike Collier for LG and (b) state you will not provide votes for a 'bathroom bill' or other similar legislation."
    Ditto for Angie Chen Button, who wants us to believe she is the "Education Champion" while supporting Dan Patrick.
  • Sep 9 2018: Near as I can tell just by driving through Oklahoma, 90% of the state's economy is based on casinos.
  • Sep 10 2018: There's an Action Figure Museum in Paul's Valley, Oklahoma. Most places have one of those. We call ours the upstairs closet.
  • Sep 14 2018: Ambivalence: what I feel when I see an endless coal train in Montana. On the one hand, it's the most efficient method of transportation invented. I admire that. On the other, it's being put to use hauling coal.
  • Sep 17 2018: Portland, Oregon, has a great combination of trains, streetcars, buses, bike-shares, scooters, and driver respect for pedestrians.
  • Sep 20 2018: After personally witnessing how respectful Utah drivers are of pedestrians, I now have to consider the possibility that what they are really respectful of are senior citizens.
  • Sep 24 2018: New NFL rule against a tackler landing on a QB with full body weight. Everyone is asking what a rusher should do. Why is a tackle even necessary? What happened to the "in the grasp" rule?
  • Sep 25 2018: MT @PeteSessions: "We must remember how critical it is to continue to support research efforts so that one day we can finally defeat this disease and live in a cancer-free world."
    How about making the treatment affordable for all Americans? That is your responsibility and you are fighting against it instead.
  • Sep 26 2018: What's wrong with Texas voters? Not only did they elect an Atty General who has been indicted for fraud, but he's leading in the polls for re-election. smh.
  • Sep 27 2018: RT @MattMarcotte: "I don't see Cruz challenging in 2020, but I think he's angling for SCOTUS (likely as a Thomas replacement). I see Thomas retiring before 2020."
    How about Atty General in 2019? You know, when he's out of office and looking for a job? And Jeff Sessions is out, too?
    In any case, he'll then be in a position to prosecute his dad for JFK's assassination.
  • Sep 27 2018: I caught about five minutes of "Million Little Things" while channel-surfing. It struck me as a formulaic tear-jerker. I concluded it wasn't targeted at me. Luckily for it, I don't give grades for TV shows that I see in passing.
  • Sep 27 2018: RT @burgessev: "Cornyn said he might jump in if Mitchell wasn't asking Qs he wanted to ask. He didn't jump in.
    Apparently the only questions @JohnCornyn, a former Texas Supreme Court justice, wanted to ask was how fear of flying works.
  • Sep 28 2018: Going in Style (2017): Michael Caine, Morgan Freeman, Alan Arkin as seniors facing money problems who decide to rob a bank. Not an original line or scene in the movie, but these actors are still fun to watch. C+
  • Sep 28 2018: RT @matthewamiller: "No subpoena of Judge. No testimony from Ramirez. No real investigation. Just a raw exercise of political power untrammeled by any pretense of fairness, due process, or morality."
    Pretty much.
  • Sep 28 2018: Yikes! "Trump administration sees a 7-degree rise in global temperatures by 2100...The analysis assumes the planet’s fate is already sealed...[so] they’re not going to do anything about it."
  • Sep 28 2018: RT @marklamster: "at what point is it morally acceptable to tune out the news for a couple days (hours?) because it's all too dire and awful and depressing? never? asking for a friend."
    Seriously, I've found myself tuning out the news more and more frequently the last two years, for the reasons you cite. And I've been a news junkie my whole life. But then, I don't have a job on a daily paper. Hang in there.
  • Sep 28 2018: Instead of pretend sympathy for a victim of sexual abuse, why don't Republican Senators just wear Melania's "I REALLY DON'T CARE. DO U?" jackets?
  • Sep 28 2018: RT @kylegriffin1: "Kavanaugh repeatedly said he was legally allowed to consume beer as a prep school senior in Maryland. In fact, he was never legal in high school because Maryland's drinking age increased to 21 at the end of his junior year, while he was still 17, AP says."
    Brett McLovin.
  • Sep 28 2018: Let's admit it. Brett Kavanaugh could shoot someone in the middle of Fifth Avenue and he would still get 51 votes in this US Senate.
  • Sep 29 2018: "Under the Fog of Kavanaugh, House Passes $3.8 Trillion More in Tax Cuts."
    Yet voters believe them when they warn that it's the Dems who are the threat to their Social Security. smh
  • Sep 29 2018: RT @BrandonFormby: ".@Bethvanduyne says as mayor, she didn’t face partisan politics. Says people were mostly just pragmatic. 'Can we just create a third party that is based on common sense? We would rule the day.' #TribFest18"
    @Bethvanduyne didn't *face* partisan politics, she *introduced* partisan politics into local government. She whipped up anti-Muslim fervor by imagining Shariah law as a threat in Irving. If she's involved in a third party, it won't be based on common sense.

H/T to Blackie Sherrod.

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