Thursday, February 1, 2018

Repeat Tweets: Here Lies Mark

Repeat tweets from January, 2018:

  • Jan 1 2018: RT @azalben: "How about we use predictive text to write our own epitaphs? Write 'Here lies [YOUR NAME]. [preferred pronoun] was...' and let your phone finish the rest."
    Here lies Mark. He was going to be so awkward.
  • Jan 1 2018: RT @EmilyRCWilson: "My Odyssey translation is ... $3.99 RIGHT NOW ON KINDLE."
    If your New Year resolutions involve supporting scholarship in the humanities, this is a no-brainer (and they should, d'oh).
  • Jan 1 2018: RT @jaketapper: "Trump's first 2018 tweet: Pakistan has 'given us nothing but lies & deceit'".
    Trump is a textbook case of psychological projection.

After the jump, more repeat tweets.

  • Jan 2 2018: Downsizing (2017): Interesting concept bogged down by heavy-handed treatment of global inequality, climate change, and threat of human extinction. Cut Matt Damon. Cut subplot with Christoph Waltz. Give Waltz the lead. Or Hong Chau, who steals the movie. C+
  • Jan 2 2018: PRO TIP: Always yield to a driver in a car with gun stickers.
  • Jan 3 2018: Raw (2017): French. Vegetarian gets a taste for meat in first year in vet school. Bloody. Violent. Lurid. But feel for our girl. It's not her fault. Worst. School. Ever. B-
  • Jan 3 2018: RT @realDonaldTrump from 2013: "Be prepared, there is a small chance that our horrendous leadership could unknowingly lead us into World War III."
    To be honest, he's not wrong.
  • Jan 4 2018: RT @NateSilver538: "Any reporting that's less than 70% true makes the world dumber on balance."
    The stuff that's not true in Michael Wolff's "Fire and Fury", is it because author made it up, or because his sources made it up? If the latter, isn't that still important, maybe for different reasons?
  • Jan 4 2018: RT @MattMarcotte: "We'll be determining the Democratic candidate in 2020 by means of a WWE-styled Royal Rumble."
    Um...I'm pretty sure that was how the 2016 GOP candidate was picked?
  • Jan 4 2018: RT @MQSullivan: "Texans for Public Education Pushes 'Block Vote' for Pro-Abortion Democrats."
    That escalated quickly.
  • Jan 5 2018: RT @DonMcLeroy: "If evolution has serious flaws, then it has not successfully described the origin of the species. Therefore, we should not use evolution as a 'god of the gaps' explanation for the diversity of life."
    That's a lot of work McLeroy's initial "if" is doing.
  • Jan 6 2018: If Trump gets into a nuclear war with NK, that's all on him. But having Trump in position to do that in the first place is all on us. So, inevitable or idiosyncratic? Depends on how far back you stand when looking.
  • Jan 6 2018: Replying to @_youhadonejob1: You have one job and it's not trying to make @footballfights a thing. Stop it.
  • Jan 7 2018: Fundraising email from Donald Trump: "We’re the OFFICIAL polling team of President Trump, and to get REAL approval numbers in the media...How would you rate President Trump’s job performance? GREAT, GOOD, OKAY, or OTHER."
    That "OTHER" is doing a lot of work.
  • Jan 7 2018: It would be a big coup (the biggest) to win a Trump "Dishonest and Corrupt Media Award." A "Fakey" if you will.
  • Jan 7 2018: Reading on a desktop computer is like playing whack-a-mole with pop-up ads.
  • Jan 7 2018: She's running. #GoldenGlobes
  • Jan 8 2018: Darkest Hour (2017): Good history allows a new generation to see current events in a new light. Unexpected thought: could Donald Trump be our era's Winston Churchill? Good depiction of the free world on the brink. Great acting by Gary Oldman. A-
  • Jan 8 2018: RT: PolitifactTexas: "Is Donald Trump right that the Dow Jones just had its fastest-ever 1,000-point jump? Yes, he is."
    SMH. It's also the smallest 1,000-point jump in percentage terms. PolitifactTexas needs to hire a mathematician.
  • Jan 9 2018: Wisconsin wins the Orange Bowl. Finishes 13-1 in the tough Big Ten conference, which had a national best 7-1 record in bowl games. Yet they *drop* in the final AP poll. Sorry, but rip up the polls and playoff system and start over.
  • Jan 9 2018: If Julian Castro is serious about running for President, he'll have to answer questions about HUD under his leadership. @ColinAllredTX needs to get in front of this issue, too.
  • Jan 9 2018: Final: Richardson 77, Berkner 70. RHS rallies from a 10 point deficit at the half. #txhshoops
  • Jan 10 2018: Marvelous Mrs Maisel (TV 2017): Energetic, witty, privileged stay-at-home mom struggles to break free of 1950s conventions. Greenwich Village's beatnik/stand-up comedy scene is her opportunity. Rachel Brosnahan is a delight, supported by Alex Boorstein. A-
  • Jan 13 2018: Not to worry. Trump was on it. Since taking office Trump has been very strict on Commercial Aviation so there was never any danger in Hawaii this morning.
  • Jan 14 2018: NFL, that was a great last play. I mean second last play. Why in the world did Vikings have to kick an extra point when there was no way that could have changed the outcome? Change the rule.
  • Jan 14 2018: In theory that Vikings' extra point play could have affected the point spread, but in practice it never does, because the scoring team wisely just takes a knee. It's senseless to risk an injury by running a real play. So it's senseless for NFL rules to call for it.
  • Jan 14 2018: RT @TeamGleason: "Congratulations to the Vikings. I'm so in shock I can't move. -SG"
    Steve Gleason is the former Saints' player who is paralyzed with ALS. Class guy.
  • Jan 15 2018: I, Tonya (2017): Comedy? Tragedy? Exposé? Mockumentary? What? Everyone in this movie is abusive or an idiot...or both. Movie lets viewers decide whether Tonya was a victim or another abusive idiot. Great performances by Margot Robbie and Allison Janney. B+
  • Jan 15 2018: Today we honor a man, Martin Luther King, Jr, while remaining indifferent to racial injustice but becoming more sensitive to accusations of racism.
  • Jan 15 2018: DMN endorses Linda Koop in TX House 102 GOP primary. Easy call. Her opponents?
    Carnahan "displayed a disturbing unfamiliarity with issues."
    Kilgore "believes Texas gun rights come from God...and he's open to Texas seceding from the Union."
  • Jan 16 2018: RT @jefflittlejohn: "I spent five full winters in the Midwest, and 4 of my 5 worst winter weather driving days were still in Dallas."
    The difference? Snow plows, sanders, and experienced drivers.
  • Jan 17 2018: RT @EdforTX: "Pitting kids' health against Dreamers is shameful, time for new priorities."
    In this remake of the movie "Sophie's Choice", the part of the Nazis is being played by Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell and Pete Sessions.
  • Jan 18 2018: The Post (2017): The decision that made Kay Graham and her Washington Post an icon for freedom of the press. An important movie for our threatened times. A fine drama, even thrilling for at heart a legal drama. Streep and Hanks? Very good but no Oscars this year. A-
  • Jan 20 2018: Facebook inserts this into my time line: "Manage your ad preferences." So I click. Don't be fooled like I was. "None" is not an option.
  • Jan 24 2018: The B-Side (2017): Documentary of 20x24 Polaroid portrait photographer Elsa Dorfman. Elsa is mildly interesting but movie needs more info on her absolutely amazing large-format camera that makes giant, instant, high-detail prints. C+
  • Jan 30 2018: Personal Shopper (2017): Three movies in one. Ghost story that doesn't go anywhere. Crime thriller that comes and goes quickly. And a study in grief that maybe explains all the rest (or not). Kristen Stewart's portrayal of grief is the best thing here. D+
  • Jan 30 2018: RT @JasonWhitely: "@TexasCentral releases first renderings of what the Dallas bullet train station will look like."
    Not surprisingly for Dallas, it stands stunningly isolated from any city life, a train station designed for cars.
  • Jan 30 2018: "There seems to be motivation for elected officials to give incentives, even if they are not important to the companies relocating, because it’s a great way to take credit."
    Ribbon-cutting explains a lot of local politics. Dallas Observer
  • Jan 30 2018: Dallas bike share companies need to fund this research:
    "What Makes a Bike Stand On its Own? Caltech Researcher Attempts to Find Out" Pasadena Now
  • Jan 31 2018: RT @PeteSessions: "Great speech tonight from POTUS."
    Sessions has joined himself at the hip to Trump's bigotry, white nationalism, and know-nothingness.
  • Jan 31 2018: "There seems to be motivation for elected officials to give incentives, even if they are not important to the companies relocating, because it’s a great way to take credit."
    Ribbon-cutting as explanation for a lot of local politics.

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