Monday, April 3, 2017

Repeat Tweets: Two Half-Price Tickets

Repeat tweets from March, 2017:

  • Mar 1 2017: Puzzle: If a contest offers a prize of "two half-price tickets" to some event, how much will the winner have to pay?
  • Mar 1 2017: TIL: Bradford Pear trees are even worse than I thought. "The curse of the Bradford Pear."
  • Mar 2 2017: RT @RichardsonToday: "Print error on page 3 of rec guide in Richardson Today that hit mail boxes today." Best Picture goes to La La Land.
  • Mar 3 2017: "Pence Used AOL Account for State Business as He Complained About Clinton’s Emails." Because of course he did.
  • Mar 7 2017: "Trumpcare breaks every promise Trump made about healthcare." Because of course it does.

After the jump, more repeat tweets.

  • Mar 8 2017: Tower (2016): 1st person accounts of UT tower shooting. Victims. Heroes. Witnesses. Gripping. Best part? No time devoted to the killer. B-
  • Mar 9 2017: Miss Sharon Jones! (2016): Documentary of soul singer (whom I didn't know) and her fight with cancer. Open, revealing, fun, fearless. B-
  • Mar 10 2017: Life, Animated (2016): Doc. of autistic boy who finds his voice in Disney movies. Matures to independent life. Sad & joyous at same time. B-
  • Mar 11 2017: "Intruder breaches White House grounds." We need a wall, the best wall, nobody builds walls better than our Republican president.
  • Mar 11 2017: What's Katrina Pierson been up to lately? Mostly still spinning and twisting.
  • Mar 13 2017: Your own personal CBO score on Trumpcare: 202.225.2231. That's Pete Sessions's office phone number. Call him. Let him know what you think.
  • Mar 16 2017: "Contrary to common sense, there is no fixed history stretching back to the big bang origin of the universe." Deep.
  • Mar 16 2017: MT @axios: "Mulvaney: No evidence that after-school programs to help kids get fed improves performance." Playing by Mulvaney's rules, shouldn't he provide evidence that *cutting* programs that feed kids will help improve performance?
  • Mar 16 2017: Northwestern 68, Vanderbilt 66. Northwestern has never lost an NCAA basketball tournament game in history. Go U Northwestern.
  • Mar 17 2017: A Man Called Ove (2015): Local curmudgeon and how he became one. Swedish tale of loneliness and grief. Humor and pathos. Saab or Volvo? B-
  • Mar 17 2017: The Irish prime minister understands what makes America great better than the American president standing by his side. Sad!
  • Mar 18 2017: MT @AP_Top25: "Defending champion and top overall seed Villanova bounced from NCAA Tournament in second round by Wisconsin." On Wisconsin!
  • Mar 19 2017: "The Texas AG sued to keep a Bible quote in school. Now he’s troubled by Muslim prayers." Ken Paxton. Hypocrite.
  • Mar 19 2017: MT @GregAbbott_TX: "Knock and the door will be opened to you. -- Luke 11:9." The governor is just trolling us now, right?
  • Mar 20 2017: Cameraperson (2016): Decades of outtakes from documentaries all shot by one person. Like watching 10 movies at once. Oddly compelling. C+
  • Mar 20 2017: Peter Principle: tendency for employees to rise through promotion until they reach the level of their incompetence. (See Donald Trump)
  • Mar 21 2017: MT @davidfrum: "Trump daughter and son-in-law are with impunity violating Carter-era ethics laws." I'm old enough to remember when the GOP threw a fit because the President's brother put his name on a blue-collar beer sold in six-packs.
  • Mar 21 2017: Says where. Says day but not time. Doesn't say who is organizing this. Also, the chosen moderator is not a neutral party on the issues. I'm with Admiral Ackbar on this one.
  • Mar 23 2017: There is "a massive uptick in companies listing Trump among their risk factors in their SEC filings." Yikes!
  • Mar 23 2017: "Arctic sea ice peaks in the winter. For the third year in a row, it’s at a record low." Says so-called science.
  • Mar 23 2017: Great negotiator. The best. How will Trump negotiate with China, NK, and Iran when he can't even get his own party in Washington to agree?
  • Mar 23 2017: MT @brianefallon: "Trump has increasing concerns about how House speaker has handled this process." The buck stops somewhere other than the President's desk.
  • Mar 24 2017: City of Gold (2015): Food critic Jonathan Gold explores LA's diverse ethnic food. Gave me a new appreciation for LA as a great city. C+
  • Mar 24 2017: "If Republicans take this opportunity and blow it, we will rightly be considered a laughingstock." -- Ted Cruz. Some have laughed all along.
  • Mar 24 2017: MT @HowardMortman: "Rep. Pete Sessions says he's wearing a brown suit for good luck." If @PeteSessions is lucky, his Trumpcare bill will go down in defeat, saving him from voters' backlash when they lose their health care.
  • Mar 24 2017: Republicans figured out keeping Obamacare is their best option: continue to run against it while their voters continue to enjoy benefits.
  • Mar 24 2017: Re: All-male Freedom Caucus. This was the group that was deciding on women's health care benefits in AHCA. Lots of shes persisted...and eventually won.
  • Mar 25 2017: So much for @PeteSessions telling voters in Richardson that only "felony-type offenses" get you deported.
  • Mar 26 2017: Many voted for Trump not because he could get things done, but because he could shake things up (i.e., burn the whole thing down).
  • Mar 27 2017: Kafka on the Shore: A runaway boy and a simple old man. Oedipus in Japan. Talking cats, raining fish. Magical realism at its finest. B+
  • Mar 27 2017: AP Style Guide: on first use, say White House source. On subsequent uses, say President Trump.
  • Mar 28 2017: Land of Mine (2015): Young POWs forced to clear land mines in Denmark. WWII Germans get sympathetic treatment! Powerful but predictable. B-
  • Mar 28 2017: RT @TexasTribune: "The Texas Senate unanimously approved its budget, shifting school costs to local taxpayers." Thank you (not) to @DonHuffines.
  • Mar 29 2017: Loving (2016): 1960s racial injustice maddens us all today. When will today's injustice madden us all? ACLU rocks. Movie? Not so much. C+

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