Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Repeat Tweets: Conspiracy Theorists

Repeat tweets from January, 2017:
  • Jan 1 2017: Am I wrong in thinking that conspiracy theorists are the kind of people most likely to not recognize irony or sarcasm?
  • Jan 2 2017: More bowl game teams than not have serious off-field reasons for me to want them to lose. Why isn't there a "Good Guys Bowl"?
  • Jan 2 2017: Penn State had worst play calling in their last two possessions. Three runs and a punt, then a run and two crazy passes. Deserved to lose.
  • Jan 5 2017: Rogue One (2016): A rollicking fun adventure...just like all the others. Fighting an authoritarian regime has new relevance in 2017. Sad! C-

After the jump, more repeat tweets.

  • Jan 6 2017: "World Shatters Heat Records in 2016." My predictions: 1) 2017 will be cooler (no El Nino). 2) GOP will cite #1 as proof no global warming.
  • Jan 7 2017: Final: Coppell 41, Berkner 53. #txhshoops. It's a great time to be a Ram.
  • Jan 8 2017: Manchester by the Sea (2016): Handyman knocked down by life. Long flat narrative arc of quiet desperation. Authentic slice of reality. B-
  • Jan 10 2017: Final: Berkner 45, Richardson 55. #txhshoops.
  • Jan 11 2017: 13th (2016): Criminalization of race is the new Jim Crow. The new slavery. The same old evil, erupting in new form each generation. Wow. A+
  • Jan 11 2017: Don't blame me. I voted "Giant Meteor 2016".
  • Jan 13 2017: La La Land (2016): Hollywood can still make feel-good musicals, an art form worth saving. Not Astaire/Rogers, but good. Emma Stone++. A-
  • Jan 13 2017: Candy Evans running for Dallas City Council, cites her opposition to the Cotton Belt line because it helps suburbs.
  • Jan 13 2017: Candy Evans challenging Lee Kleinman is just the latest chapter in...Dallas to Suburbs: Seriously, Drop Dead.
  • Jan 13 2017: Final: Jesuit 68, Berkner 60. #txhshoops
  • Jan 15 2017: "Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus To Close." The circus isn't closing. It's just moving to Washington DC.
  • Jan 15 2017: That was fun! #PackersFinishTheFight
  • Jan 15 2017: Breaking: Many govt offices, schools, and businesses will be closed Monday. Taking the Cowboys loss pretty hard is my guess.
  • Jan 17 2017: Moonlight (2016): Growing up gay in broken home in Miami. World apart for me. Strong story. Great acting. Left me mad. What can be done? A-
  • Jan 17 2017: Education Liberty Watch opposes DeVos not because she's unqualified or supports vouchers, but because she might not hate Common Core. smh
  • Jan 17 2017: Final: WT White 41, Berkner 66. #txhshoops. It's a great time to be a Ram.
  • Jan 19 2017: Hell or High Water (2016): Western. Crime story. Buddy movie (x2). And Jeff Bridges as a curmudgeonly Texas Ranger. What's not to like? B+
  • Jan 20 2017: The Last Days of New Paris: Surrealist artworks battle Nazis, occult magicians and demons. There's even a spy from hell. Really odd. C+
  • Jan 20 2017: Final: Berkner 75, Pearce 73. #txhshoops. It's a great time to be a Ram. (Worst refs this season.)
  • Jan 22 2017: U.S. Chamber says nothing about economic inequality, a big barrier to long-term economic growth. Cutting taxes and regulations won't do it. RT @USChamber: "It's time to reorient economic policy toward growth."
  • Jan 25 2017: Hidden Figures (2016): Racism, sexism at NASA in '60s. Uplifting, patriotic. Hits all the bases. Laugh, cry, cheer. A little too pretty. A-
  • Jan 26 2017: Obama already achieved what Trump is setting up to claim credit for regarding border crossings. RT @qz: "Donald Trump is building a wall on the Mexico border as undocumented crossing reaches a 40-year low."
  • Jan 27 2017: Final: Skyline 64, Berkner 52. #txhshoops. Good effort against area's #1 team.

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