Thursday, December 1, 2016

Repeat Tweets: Break Up the Cubs

Repeat tweets from November, 2016:

  • Nov 2 2016: Break up the Cubs. #WorldSeries
  • Nov 2 2016: 45 Years (2015): Long-dead girlfriend's body interferes with a couple's 45-year anniversary. Quiet, touching movie. Two strong leads. B-
  • Nov 2 2016: MT @BudKennedy: "The Des Moines suspect is a Confederate flag activist who opposes civil rights protest. You take it from there." White Lives Matter?

After the jump, more repeat tweets.

  • Nov 3 2016: "So little has been written about some of Clinton's questionable decisions as secretary of state, her emails, ..." Yeah, so little.
  • Nov 5 2016: @DonMcLeroy, you protest too much. If the standards you defend so passionately weren't supportive of Creationism, you wouldn't defend them.
  • Nov 6 2016: I'm not convinced the law prevailed at any time in this email farce, other than the repeated finding that there's nothing there.
  • Nov 6 2016: At various times, Reps and Dems have criticized Comey for mishandling the FBI investigation. I'm with them.
  • Nov 7 2016: RT @jonfavs: "Chyron on the NBC Nightly News the night before the election: CLINTON AVOIDS EMAIL ISSUE ON FINAL DAY" NBC has disappointed this election. From Matt Lauer's botched Clinton-Trump forums to this latest chyron. Anyone know why NBC did it?
  • Nov 8 2016: Sky Ladder (2016): The fireworks art of Cai Guo-Qiang. Remember 2008 Beijing Olympics fireworks? Same guy. Dedication and results. B-
  • Nov 10 2016: "We can work together to quickly pass a robust infrastructure jobs bill." -- Nancy Pelosi. Cooperation. A refreshing change from how GOP greeted Obama in 2009.
  • Nov 10 2016: RISD also has many girls (and women). Would Eron Linn consider Trump as superintendent a role model for them? If not, why President?
  • Nov 10 2016: RISD has many minorities. I wonder if Eron Linn (@rioting_raider) would consider hiring Trump as RISD superintendent. If not, why President?
  • Nov 14 2016: What does Rod Dreher think of Pope Francis preaching? Does he give his hand away with "Bergoglian happy-clappy"?
  • Nov 15 2016: Parched (2015): Four women in rural India deal with a patriarchal culture and asshole men. Strong female characters. Bollywood feminism. B-
  • Nov 17 2016: Ghostbusters (2016): Maybe if you never saw original. But if you did, absolutely no need to see remake. Nothing fresh, down to the slime. C+
  • Nov 19 2016: MT @NateSilver538: "Pet peeve now is polls/people who predicted Trump to win the *popular vote* taking credit when they were pretty wrong." Like so much of this past election campaign, where watching the news made you dumber.
  • Nov 21 2016: MT Justin Bono: "During good times, they talk about tax cuts [in] bad times they talk about budget cuts." This story is the same in GOP-controlled Texas as it is in GOP-controlled Washington. We need change in both.
  • Nov 22 2016: Airlift (2016): Saddam invades Kuwait. 170,000 Indians need rescue. Akshay Kumar saves the day. Bollywood tells story Hollywood doesn't. B-
  • Nov 24 2016: It's Such a Beautiful Day (2012): Simple animated short about life of Bill, a sad sack who is either mentally ill or imaginative genius. C+
  • Nov 25 2016: Overheard (a question that's never been asked before): "Why does every meal of yours have to include broccoli?"
  • Nov 29 2016: Companies moving manufacturing jobs overseas is *not* the reason those jobs are down. Increasing productivity in USA is.
  • Nov 29 2016: MT @AngieChenButton: "I am inspired by @ElaineChao." Chao cut coal mine safety inspections. 2 mines collapsed, killing miners. Chao failed to investigate minimum wage and overtime complaints.
  • Nov 29 2016: "I disapprove of flag burning, but will defend to the death your right to do it." --Voltaire (loosely translated). But he was French.
  • Nov 30 2016: Mr. Holmes (2015): Sherlock as a retired 93-year-old. Less mental work, more heart. Purists may object, but I liked the character growth. A-
  • Nov 30 2016: To some charter school advocates (and voucher advocates), segregation is a feature not a bug.

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