Thursday, December 15, 2016

Berkner Symphony Orchestra goes to Midwest

The Berkner Symphony Orchestra, under the direction of Craig Needham and Jason Schayot, is performing at The Midwest Clinic in Chicago December 15, 2016.

After the jump, the high honor this is.

Being chosen to perform at this annual convention is a singular honor. Over 17,000 musicians, conductors, composers, teachers and music industry representatives from all 50 states and over 30 foreign countries attend the convention each year. Forty concerts at all levels (middle school through professional) will be given over four days. The Berkner Symphony Orchestra is one of only two high school full orchestras invited to perform.

On Monday evening, before leaving for Chicago, the Berkner Symphony Orchestra gave a "Send-Off Concert" in the Berkner auditorium. If you missed it, I'm so sorry. People pay $50 per ticket for concerts at the Eisemann Center that have nothing over the amazing music performed for free by these talented students from our own community. Come on, RISD. Let's do a better job promoting these events. Our kids deserve it.

Not to be outdone, the Liberty Junior High Symphonic Band, under direction of Chris Pineda, has also been invited to the Midwest Clinic, to present a clinic performance "Teach the Kids and the Band Takes Care of Itself". I don't know if having two schools from the same district invited to the Midwest Clinic in the same year is unheard of, but it has to be exceedingly rare. The honors for RISD's Fine Arts programs just keep coming.

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