Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Repeat Tweets: Cornyn Blames Obama

Repeat tweets from October, 2016:

  • Oct 1 2016: TX Senator John Cornyn blames Obama... "For the passage of a bill. That he told Congress not to pass. And vetoed." nola.com
  • Oct 3 2016: Wells Fargo was engaging in fraud, but Ted Cruz and Pete Sessions were raking in the bank's campaign contributions. chron.com
  • Oct 7 2016: North Dallas's own Katrina Pierson puts her foot in her mouth again. "So what? They're Muslim." Right Wing Talk

After the jump, more repeat tweets.

  • Oct 7 2016: RT @GregAbbott_TX: "Largest Voter Fraud Investigation in Texas History Underway in Tarrant County. We will crush illegal voting." "We will crush [Democratic] voting." There, I fixed your quote for you.
  • Oct 7 2016: How ironic is it that all those Dems who voted in the GOP primary just to vote against Trump are now getting fundraising letters from Trump?
  • Oct 7 2016: I'm old enough to remember when "binders full of women" was considered to be a serious gaffe.
  • Oct 7 2016: It profits a man nothing to give his soul in exchange for entire world. How about for a promise of SCOTUS nominees?
  • Oct 7 2016: You just know SNL has to be working late tonight writing a whole new opening skit.
  • Oct 7 2016: Final: Berkner 44, JJ Pearce 27. It's a great time to be a Ram! #txhsfb @BerknerHS
  • Oct 7 2016: So what began as farce ends as tragedy...no wait, @realDonaldTrump has been farce from start to finish.
  • Oct 8 2016: RT @MeghanMcCain: "This is rock bottom for my party. Rock. Bottom." Says the woman whose father started the party down the slippery slope by picking Sarah Palin.
  • Oct 8 2016: Mike Pence: "I do not condone his remarks and I cannot defend them." But he still supports him. At least he's no longer denying everything.
  • Oct 8 2016: BREAKING: The Onion announces it's shutting down. "We are not needed any more. Our work is done." #MetaSatire
  • Oct 8 2016: The writers of "House of Cards" never even considered going this far.
  • Oct 8 2016: There ought to be a word for Republicans who took until now to abandon Trump. Or not even yet. "Deplorable" just isn't strong enough.
  • Oct 9 2016: RT @HotlineJosh: "Now there's polling: Morning Consult survey: 74% of R voters want party to stand by Trump, just 13% want them to ditch." So now we know just how big the "basket of deplorables" is and it actually turns out to be more than half.
  • Oct 10 2016: The Danish Girl (2015): Transgender artist in 1920s. Movie made 30 years too late. What should be shocking is now routine. Slow moving. B-
  • Oct 12 2016: My Beautiful Broken Brain (2014): Young woman's recovery from brain damage. She knows the things she lost. Her spirit isn't one of them. C+
  • Oct 12 2016: She calls Trump "vulgar, narcissistic, and insecure", "thin-skinned, undisciplined, and immature." And she supports Trump why? Deplorable. foxnews.com
  • Oct 12 2016: I'd say I have to wonder if Trump ever approached Cosby depths. In any case, we're beyond "locker room talk."
  • Oct 14 2016: Anne of Green Gables: 1908 children's book that's still worth reading even by adults in 2016. We all should have a little of Anne in us. A-
  • Oct 14 2016: What's wrong with campaign news? Have you heard about the candidates' opinions on China's Belt & Road initiative?
  • Oct 14 2016: RT Rebecca Piazza @heybecks: "CLINTON To women: You can do anything TRUMP To women, you can do anything
  • Oct 14 2016: For anyone who doesn't appreciate the importance of correct punctuation...
  • Oct 14 2016: "The idea that TIFs cause unique new development that wouldn’t have happened without them is completely untested."
  • Oct 14 2016: Trump: I grope women. Woman: He groped me. Trump: Liar! #MAGA
  • Oct 15 2016: In the primaries, racial resentment drove Trump supporters. In the general, it's that and party loyalty.
  • Oct 16 2016: Q. What do you do to keep squirrels from eating your pumpkins? A. Personally, I keep my pants on when I'm outdoors.
  • Oct 17 2016: "Wimpy Women Trump Accusers." Yeah, it's the victim's fault. I don't think that's a winning electoral strategy. texasgopvote.com
  • Oct 17 2016: RT Eron Linn: "Good for the crowd to walk out. These folks paid good money to be entertained by you, not be criticized. Very tacky." Another account, not from Fox News. It shows why many pay to see Amy Schumer. It's not only for the jokes. nymag.com
  • Oct 17 2016: What happened to the days when you could see an outspoken female comedian and know your support of Trump wouldn't be challenged? #SafeSpaces
  • Oct 17 2016: RT Eron Linn: "Glad Amy [Schumer] supports Hillary. She was condescending and hostile towards folks with opposing political views for no apparent reason." I can agree with everything you said up to "for no apparent reason."
  • Oct 17 2016: A team of Gynecologic Oncology specialists started to follow me. I hope it's because of that tweet about Amy Schumer I made earlier.
  • Oct 17 2016: RT @AmeliaHammy: "The most recent text you sent is your presidential campaign slogan. Go." OK
  • Oct 18 2016: RT Don Huffines: "The #txlege must fund roads to keep people & our economy moving forward." And public schools. Don't forget public schools.
  • Oct 19 2016: Difret (2014): Lawyer defends Ethiopian girl charged with murder in a society where women have few rights. Maddening story told plainly. B-
  • Oct 21 2016: Chemical Imbalance at Berkner: Spoof of Jekyll and Hyde. Lots of fun in this farce, just before Halloween. Support your high school theater.
  • Oct 25 2016: RT @DonHuffines: "Voter confidence & election integrity are critical! This app helps you report election fraud." Can you also use this app to report voter suppression? If so, I'd like to report the Texas legislature.
  • Oct 26 2016: Marguerite (2015): Rich 1920s socialite thinks she can sing. No one dares tell her no. Movie looks great but is one-note -- off-key. C+
  • Oct 29 2016: Berkner advances to state marching band contest. It's a great time to be a Ram!
  • Oct 30 2016: Disney's Fantasia Live in Concert with the Dallas Symphony: Sad to say, the animation shows its 75 years, but the music is classic.
  • Oct 31 2016: By the Bog of Cats at RHS: Euripides in an Irish bog. Challenging play for HS theatre: serious, adult, tragic. RHS pulled it off.

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