Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Know A Neighborhood: Canyon Creek

"Know A Neighborhood" is an occasional series that offers Richardson neighborhood leaders the opportunity to answer questions that might be of general interest to Richardson residents (or at least to me). My thanks to all who agree to participate.

Today: Jeremy Thomason, Canyon Creek HOA President, answers a question posed by The Wheel.

Question: What are the big concerns about Richardson in your neighborhood?

Answer: Using the word 'concerns' creates a negative bias, so I will start by saying that my general sense is that the good FAR outweighs the bad when it comes to Richardson. And within Canyon Creek, there is a very strong sense of community that makes our 'hood' within Richardson a very special place as evidenced by the redevelopment that is seemingly on every street. That said, there are certainly areas of focus that we try and work closely with city hall to address. Chief among these are the growing problems with traffic. Most of us realize that the development that is all around Canyon Creek is a sign of a strong local economy, but with it comes traffic problems in many forms. As Cityline further develops, the Palisades develops, and UTD develops, we know that traffic mitigation efforts will always be an area to focus on for our HOA and City Leaders. Our residents are also concerned that the proliferation of multi-family developments all around us present a set of risks that might not be realized for a decade or more as the economic cycles ebb and flow. In summary, the concerns I have are really stemming from the success that is all around us. My hope is that we can continue to partner with the City and the other neighborhoods to try and balance the small amounts of bad that come with the large amounts of good.

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