Thursday, July 2, 2015

Repeat Tweets: Our Sophomoric State Senator

Repeat tweets from June, 2015:

  • Jun 1 2015: RT @KonniBurton: "No longer Freshmen!" Now merely sophomoric. @DonHuffines
  • Jun 1 2015: Headline: "RISD school bus involved in chase, recovered in Louisiana." Yikes!
  • Jun 2 2015: Headline: "Ratliff not seeking re-election to SBOE next year." No! Please don't let Creationist Don McLeroy back in.
  • Jun 7 2015: Is there a way the NBA could redesign their product so that bad officiating isn't an inherent part of the game? Or do they just don't care?
  • Jun 8 2015: "The most informed voters are often the most badly misled." Why "citizens' town hall" meetings" will lead you astray.

After the jump, more repeat tweets.

  • Jun 8 2015: First, State Farm. Now "Geico working to bring 1,400 employees to Richardson." Say hello to Insurance Intersection.
  • Jun 9 2015: Still Alice (2014): No cure for Alzheimer's. No surprise movie happy ending. Sad but still positive. Oscar for Julianne Moore. Deserved. B-
  • Jun 9 2015: "When McKinney tops rankings as best place to live, it's worth considering for whom, exactly, that's actually true."
  • Jun 10 2015: I only watch NBA during the playoffs. Then I remember how much I hate how bad the ref'ing is. And how the game is designed for muscle.
  • Jun 10 2015: A good summary of Richardson politics in the last decade. Story influenced by who was (and wasn't) willing to talk.
  • Jun 12 2015: Salvage the Bones, by Jesmyn Ward: A Hurricane Katrina story but so much more. An intimate look at life in the poor, rural South. B+
  • Jun 12 2015: "Once seniors stop driving, those in suburban homes are marooned in an environment designed to be traversed by car."
  • Jun 12 2015: MT @GregAbbott_TX: "#txlege @NRA #guns" Yep, I think that just about covers it. The Texas legislature, a wholly owned subsidiary of the NRA.
  • Jun 12 2015: "Richardson Restaurant Park Poised to Break Ground." Another car-oriented strip center with no ties to neighborhood.
  • Jun 12 2015: .@rodgermjones' take on new Restaurant Row in Richardson: "better than road-side Whataburger." Damning with faint praise.
  • Jun 17 2015: Oldboy (2003): Korean thriller. Man imprisoned for 15 years by unknown enemy. When released, seeks revenge. Mystery and lots of violence. C-
  • Jun 17 2015: @rodgermjones: "Do everyday people think of 55 miles per hour as 'high speed'?" For a downtown arterial? Yes. For a park? Hell yes.
  • Jun 17 2015: Here are 7 things people in Reading, England, now know about Richardson. How many did you already know? Me? 6 of 7.
  • Jun 17 2015: All six Forney council members walk out on newly-elected mayor. Lesson here for Richardson but I don't know what.
  • Jun 18 2015: .@RatliffT, run for SBOE again to keep your seat from going back to Creationist @DonMcLeroy. Donna Bahorich is bad for public schools.
  • Jun 19 2015: MT @DonMcLeroy: "the SBOE never had 'had a clear majority of far-right, entrenched Republicans.' we only had seven." That says it all.
  • Jun 20 2015: Chef (2014): Talented but unappreciated chef quits and buys a food truck. As feel-good a movie as you could want. I just didn't want. C+
  • Jun 22 2015: RT @The_Millions: "We need a name for hybrids of fiction and nonfiction." How about "fiction"?
  • Jun 22 2015: "Seriously, what ref even bothers to call traveling anymore?" And that's why I don't watch the NBA anymore.
  • Jun 23 2015: It's said the GOP base is made up of old white guys. Given the flight from the Confederate flag, you have to think the base is dying off.
  • Jun 23 2015: Berkner principal Ron Griffen takes promotion and moves to Garland ISD.
  • Jun 25 2015: Headline: "Cornyn: Americans deserve options, not mandates, for Healthcare." Yeah, a public option.
  • Jun 25 2015: Sounds like @DonHuffines, a Texas state senator, is already running for Congress against @PeteSessions.
  • Jun 26 2015: Former Berkner student, LSU forward Jordan Mickey taken by Celtics as 33rd overall pick in NBA draft.
  • Jun 26 2015: .@KenPaxtonTX, correction. States don't have a constitutional right to exclude gay couples from marriage. #LoveWins (RT @KenPaxtonTX: "Read my statement in advance of #SCOTUS ruling on states' constitutional right to define #marriage")
  • Jun 26 2015: Affordable Care Act: "FDR failed, Truman failed, Nixon failed, Carter failed, Clinton failed -- and Obama succeeded."
  • Jun 26 2015: "Marriage was defined by God. No man can redefine it. If you agree, I ask that you make a contribution to my campaign today." -- @GovAbbott
  • Jun 26 2015: Cut @SenTedCruz some slack. He was born in Canada and never really learned American history. (RT @WayneSlater: "9/11, Pearl Harbor, Dred Scott, Ft Sumter. Yet on Hannity @TedCruz see 'the darkest 24 hours in our nation's history'")
  • Jun 27 2015: Wild (2014): Messed-up woman undertakes insane 1,100 mile solo hike to clear her head. Reckless but it worked for her. I couldn't relate. B-
  • Jun 27 2015: "Zoning boards have learned to stop talking about discrimination. What they haven't learned is to stop doing it."
  • Jun 28 2015: "You can't let four or five students push everybody else around." That's the board's job. Life lesson at Hockaday.
  • Jun 28 2015: Headline: "Shark Attacks Still on the Rise in the Carolinas." Also, the Confederate flag still flies over the SC statehouse. Coincidence?
  • Jun 28 2015: And, already shown, Abbott and Paxton don't consider having to drive 500 miles to be an "undue burden." (RT @JeffreyWeissDMN: "IMO, sez if alternate exists w/o 'undue burden' on couple, clerk him/herself has legal right to refuse.")
  • Jun 28 2015: Matt Ridley says global warming is real, man-made, and likely going up 1.5 degrees (and evolution is real too). OK.
  • Jun 29 2015: Atty Gen Paxton and Lt Gov Patrick, paraphrased: "Segregation now, segregation tomorrow, segregation forever."

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