Thursday, July 30, 2015

Hybrid, Urbanized-Suburbs

I've long promoted growth in Richardson that's walkable, mixed-use, transit-oriented. To me, that's more Uptown/Bishop Arts/Oak Lawn than anything in Richardson, whether it's old like Richardson Heights or new like CityLine. Now Peter Simek in FrontBurner gives me something to think about.
As we have seen in places like Addison and Legacy Town Center in Plano, the suburbs now offer a kind of hybrid, urbanized-suburban situation that can satisfy millennials loves of hikes and bikes and coffee shops without having to give up the suburban conveniences of larger dwellings at more affordable prices.
Source: Peter Simek.

Maybe there's something in between urban neighborhoods like Uptown and sprawling suburbs in places like Frisco. Maybe CityLine and Palisades (if it's built) will appeal to millennials looking for a hybrid, urbanized-suburban feel. Or maybe this hybrid feel will fail -- the worst of both worlds, not the best -- satisfying nobody. Is it an ingenious combination or a weak compromise? Time will tell. Richardson's future is riding on the answer.

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