Monday, July 20, 2015

Q&A: Water, Water Everywhere

Question: With all the reservoirs full, why is Richardson still in Stage 2 (or Stage 3 or whatever) water conservation plan?

Why impose water restrictions at all when you have to flush water towers to keep the water from going stale?

Answer: Our wet Spring was unusual. In future, we are more likely to face drier months than wet months. Rather than remove all watering restrictions now only to have to impose restrictions sooner when those dry seasons return, Richardson has decided to adopt a water conservation program now that will put off the day when tighter restrictions might be necessary.

As for flushing water towers, it's unfortunate that homeowners can't make use of that water to water lawns. It's a logistical challenge to identify and communicate to individual homeowners in a timely manner when the water tower that serves them is in need of flushing. It's not all water towers that are affected. And it's not a predictable schedule. Efforts are made to minimize how often this is necessary.

More on Richardson's water conservation plan can be found on the city's website.

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