Monday, March 9, 2015

It Sounds Mixed-Use and Transit-Oriented

I'm always getting my hopes up, I know. But this news about a planned development at US 75 and the Bush Turnpike sounds promising.
Apartment builder Trammell Crow Residential will start construction next month of the first phase of a 1,250-unit rental community located just west of the DART station. The first, 351-unit apartment block will be five stories with ground-floor retail and a parking garage. "We wanted an urban look to the project," which was designed by Good Fulton & Farrell Architects, Altemore said. "Trammell Crow Residential is delivering the product we wanted for the site."

Why is this mixed-use?

Because the building contains both residential and ground-floor retail. In other words, the building itself is mixed-use, in contrast to other developments Richardson calls mixed-use simply because there are single-use apartment buildings near single-use retail buildings.

Why is this transit-oriented?

Because it's located "just west of the DART station." In other words, people will be able to easily walk from home to train, in contrast to that State Farm building just east of the DART station, which placed a long block of parking garages alongside the DART station.

Why should I hold onto my heart?

I know, I know, I had my hopes up when CityLine was announced, too. Then it turned into a couple of corporate campuses, a couple of 1980s-style apartment complexes, some restaurants and a strip shopping center anchored by a supermarket. Nothing that looked like it welcomed that DART station. Lots of big buildings, very little of it mixed-use or transit-oriented. It's the little bit that is truly mixed-use that gets all the attention, but that's just a small fraction of the 186 acres. And because of all that, I can't give my heart freely to the next land developer that comes calling promising chocolates and roses. I won't let myself be as easily won over as city council members appear to be.

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