Friday, September 13, 2013

Pete Sessions Draws a Challenger

I never understood how Pete Sessions keeps getting re-elected to the U.S. Congress term after term without drawing any serious opposition. I couldn't understand the nature of his support. Oh, he gets top ratings from groups like the NRA and National Right to Life, but he's just so... sleazy -- he also gets top ratings from the payday lenders and Vegas strip clubs.

Sessions usually draws a Democratic challenger and maybe a Libertarian challenger, but in his safe Republican district (safe thanks in part to gerrymandering), his re-election is never in doubt. Big business Republicans can count on him and he's always been good enough at pandering to the Tea Party types to keep them in line. He promises to repeal Obamacare, but he never does anything really crazy like shut down the federal government or default on the federal debt, which would be disastrous for business.

More and more, the Tea Party is not content with lip service crazy; they want the real thing. Sessions should be way too establishment for them. I never understood why he didn't draw a Tea Party challenger in the GOP primary. After the jump, why that might be about to change.

This week, a Washington super PAC run by former associates of Jim DeMint (now, he's crazy with a capital C) called Pete Sessions a "wishy washy Republican" and a "Texas RINO" and threatened to run a primary challenger against him. They don't have to look any more. The Tea Party group FreedomWorks endorsed Tea Party candidate Katrina Pierson in the 2014 GOP primary for Congressional district 32 in Texas.

Who is Katrina Pierson, you ask? Good question. According to her campaign website, "Katrina Pierson is a grassroots conservative Republican candidate for Congress and is well known across Texas and the nation as a passionate advocate for freedom." By "well known," she means, of course, "completely unknown" outside tea party circles. Calling newbie candidates well known is like calling entertainers immortal ("the immortal Elvis Presley"). To be called immortal you must first be dead.

Anyway, I welcome a challenger, any challenger, to Pete Sessions. Let's just say that of all the Congressmen who currently represent the district I live in, he's my least favorite. Does Katrina Pierson have a chance against Pete Sessions? Hell, no. But she might get him to say and do even crazier things than he's had to in past campaigns. Because if there's one thing we need more of in Congress, it's crazy.

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DennisTheBald said...

I dunno, someone that talks crazy and then doesn't do anything about it seems to be way better than somebody that talks crazy and might actually believe the %#%*! they're saying.
District 32 was custom made for Pete, and I don't see it turning blue unless the field is leveled out. Things can always get worse tho.