Friday, June 14, 2013

Managing RISD's $250 Million Budget

Question: What qualifications and experience do you have to oversee the RISD's $250 million budget?
Rachel Chumney: The best thing that I can do in this role is the fact that I'm a good researcher, I'm wise, and I'm fiscally conservative, and I'll research the dickens out of something.
A runoff election for Place 4 on the Richardson ISD Board of Trustees will happen on June 15 (early voting June 3-11 at Richardson Civic Center). The runoff is between incumbent Lanet Greenhaw and Rachel Chumney. I endorsed Lanet Greenhaw in the joint election on May 11. I endorse her again in the runoff. The question above is one reason why.

If you think that someone whose qualification for managing a $250 million budget is that she will "research the dickens out of something" might not be ready to be put in charge of the RISD budget, then you might want to look beyond Rachel Chumney for a better candidate.

Look, Rachel Chumney is a nice enough person. She's just not qualified for school board. Don't rely just on the quote I found telling. Listen to Chumney's whole answer (starting 51:00). Then, compare with Lanet Greenhaw's answer (starting 49:45). No contest. Vote for Greenhaw.

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