Wednesday, June 5, 2013

"Full-Fledged, Boot-Licking, Lackeydom"

Offered without comment.

Kevin Chumney, husband of the candidate for Place 4 on the Richardson ISD board of trustees, Rachel Chumney, in a public comment elsewhere on this blog:

Mark: thank you for being so brave in standing up for these poor, defenseless politicians. How dare these parents and kids fight for their legal rights and question their elected officials. It's downright un-American! I have always chalked up your nonsense to the fact that your not very bright, but you've now crossed over to full-fledged, boot-licking, lackeydom.
Source: Kevin Chumney.


DennisTheBald said...

"your not very bright" - yeah.

So, come out swinging with an ad homien logic fallacy, and use bad grammar while doing it. Even I recognize the sound this makes as it comes off the shovel.

Mark Steger said...

Reminder: Commenters need to identify themselves with a full name or risk having their comments deleted. Dennis, I know that if one looks at your profile, it's possible to deduce your last name, but it would be better if you signed your full name to your comments on this blog. Thank you.

Unknown said...

I just went and re-read all your posts related to this election...
They all have the same theme, that Rachel seems like an intelligent, well meaning, nice person but probably not qualified to be on the board. You pulled quotes from Rachel herself, and suggested that folks watch the debate for the full context.

I don't get it.

I think raw emotion has taken over and nice people are spewing off without really thinking it through. The internet is dangerous!