Wednesday, June 12, 2013

6th Grade: Elementary School or Middle School?

Question: Do you support or oppose moving sixth grade out of the elementary schools and into a more traditional middle school environment?
Rachel Chumney: I oppose it. Middle school is awful and children need to be in middle school as little as possible.
A runoff election for Place 4 on the Richardson ISD Board of Trustees will happen on June 15 (early voting June 3-11 at Richardson Civic Center). The runoff is between incumbent Lanet Greenhaw and Rachel Chumney. I endorsed Lanet Greenhaw in the joint election on May 11. I endorse her again in the runoff. The question above is one reason why.

If you think that someone who thinks middle schools are "awful," whatever that means, might not be a good fit for school board trustee, then you might want to look beyond Rachel Chumney for a better candidate.

Look, Rachel Chumney is a nice enough person. She's just not qualified for school board. Don't rely just on the quote I found telling. Listen to Chumney's whole answer (starting 35:12). Then, compare with Lanet Greenhaw's answer explaining why she opposes moving sixth graders into junior high (starting 37:06). No contest. Vote for Greenhaw.

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