Thursday, August 30, 2012

Continental Inn Opens In Richardson

That's right. A new hotel. In southwest Richardson. And what a nice hotel at that. "Handsome." "Beautifully decorated." "Contemporary design." "Tropical surroundings." I don't know how I missed this news when it happened, but better late than never. Here it is. Enjoy.

October 12, 1960

The Dallas Continental Inn, recently completed in Richardson, opened to the public last weekend, and Texas-Oklahoma football fans quickly filled the handsome new Electronic City motor hotel and gathering place to capacity.

Dallas Continental Inn is located on the west side of Central Expressway off Floyd Rd., only a few minutes from downtown Dallas. There are 60 rooms now, with ground space for an additional 40. The rooms are beautifully decorated in either turquoise or

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Source: The Richardson Echo.

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orange, with the colors carried out in carpeting and draperies.

Mrs. Geraldine Hunt Young, Richardson interior decorator, did the color co-ordination for the inn, which is of contemporary design. Art Williams of Waco was the architect. Fred Toan of Dallas was the contractor.

Design of the inn incorporates masonry solar screening, mosaic tile paneling, and sliding glass window-walls leading off to a spacious patio-pool area in tropical surroundings. The swimming pool is Y-shaped. An illuminated fountain enhances the attraction of an adjacent circular wading pool for children.

Solid masonry walls between rooms make them soundproof.

Managers are Mr. and Mrs. David P. Turner, 30-year veterans at the business of making traveling folk feel at home away from home. Until coming to Richardson recently they owned and operated the Turner Hotel in Gainesville.

Owners of the Dallas Continental Inn are James L. Embrey and George. M. Underwood, Jr.
Source: The Richardson Echo.

In case you wondered what caused the Continental Inn to become run-down, now you know. On its first weekend in business, it hosted Texas-OU football fans. It was never new again.

By the way, here's a recent photo of the new hotel. Those sledge hammers probably are not going to make "traveling folk feel at home away from home."

Continental Inn
Source: City of Richardson.

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