Monday, April 1, 2024

Random Thoughts: Herd Stupidity


2024-03-03: Column: "As measles spreads, 'herd stupidity' grips Florida's government."
Pretty much. Conservative government is harmful to public health. Add that warning to others: Conservative government is harmful to democracy. Conservative government is harmful to the climate. How about just the catch-all warning: "Conservative government is harmful."

2024-03-06: "Florida is swamped by disease outbreaks as quackery replaces science."
I am confident that this governing philosophy can't go on forever, but I fear that it might last long enough to kill way too many people.

2024-03-06: Susan Shaw: "No wonder my child-self did not feel in any position to resist what was happening to her. Having been told my whole life to submit — to God and the men in God’s stead — what else was I going to do? I was an 11-year-old girl who trusted and obeyed. I was completely set up by my church’s theology to accept what happened to me as God’s will."
That church was Southern Baptist. Was the theology used to keep slaves submissive intentionally used to harm women, too?

2024-03-08: NY Times: "The new congressionally mandated Pentagon report found no evidence that the government was covering up knowledge of extraterrestrial technology and said there was no evidence that any U.F.O. sightings represented alien visitation to Earth."
SMH.The conspiracy theorists in the GOP Congress are investigating U.F.O.s and space aliens instead of, well, almost anything.

2024-03-25: "Indonesia's Islamic parties face falling support as voters keep politics and religion separate." -- The Straits Times.
Americans pride themselves on having the world's greatest democracy. Here's a case where America can learn something from a much younger democracy.

2024-03-29: So much for the Texas GOP's "baseless claims of rampant illegal voting."

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