Sunday, August 16, 2020

To Donald: Sealed with a Kiss

Hypocrisy? Audacity? Chutzpah? I don't quite know the right word for the accusation I wanted to make when I opened my mail yesterday. Inside was a fundraising pitch from Donald J. Trump. Delivered by mail. I know that he has it in for the US Postal Service. Trump is frightened of losing re-election and sees his biggest threat as being, well, people voting. So he figures that the more he can suppress the vote, the better his chances. Hence, sabotage the USPS, since it's predicted that many, many people want to vote safely by mail in 2020 because of COVID-19. So he undermines Americans' confidence in the US Mail.

That's why I was so surprised/not surprised to find this particular piece of mail in my mailbox Saturday. It's a fundraising pitch by Donald J. Trump. It contains a convenient, self-addressed return envelope for me to mail my big bucks check back to Trump. By mail. It's marked "RUSH" and "Process Immediately." Apparently, Trump trusts the USPS to handle his money, but doesn't want voters to trust it to handle their ballots.

The best thing about this is that the envelope is postage-paid. So, I will be sure to stuff it full of other junk mail and drop it back in a mailbox (if I can even find one of them anymore). Consider it my contribution to keep the USPS going (paid for by Donald Trump). What I won't do is seal it with a kiss.

If that's not enough audacity, I just received an email from Trump saying, "Vote the safe way and request your ballot. We need every grassroots supporter ready to help us WIN BIG on Election Day. Request your ballot TODAY in Texas and help us Make America Great Again."

Two-faced! That's the word I was trying to remember.

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Ann Friederich said...

OMG! So glad he contacted you! And that you will send it back with junk!