Sunday, March 1, 2020

Green Shoots for "Tree the Town"

Amir Omar, former city council member and force behind "Tree the Town", hosted a small event Saturday designed to bring together interested individuals to update them on a new tree-planting initiative and brainstorm ways to involve the community.

For a profile of Amir Omar and "Tree the Town", see the recent feature article by Lauren Decker in Richardson Living magazine, "T3: New Life With Deep Roots". For some of the history, see the archives of "The Wheel". Going forward, follow what the new initiative is up to and hopefully get involved yourself by following the Facebook page "Tree the Town".

After the jump, more about "Tree the Town."

Almost exactly a decade ago, the City of Richardson launched its "Tree the Town" initiative, with a stated goal of planting 50,000 trees. After a fast start, whose benefits can be seen today in the trees growing in street medians and other places throughout the city, the initiative flagged, due to a severe drought and, truth be told, a loss of enthusiasm at city hall. The good news is "Tree the Town" is back, this time as a nonprofit seeking partnerships with the city, businesses, homeowners, and anyone else who recognizes the value of trees in our communities. Follow on Facebook and get involved.

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