Monday, July 2, 2018

Repeat Tweets: "The Entire World Right Now"

Repeat tweets from June, 2018:

  • Jun 1 2018: RT @marcorubio: "The entire world right now is in a battle between authoritarianism and democracy. It’s happening right here in our own hemisphere."
    Hey, @marcorubio, it's happening right here in the US, where you are an enabler.
  • Jun 1 2018: Headline: "Oil industry joins with solar and wind industry to condemn Trump admin plan to prop up coal industry by forcing electric grid to buy coal power."
    Picking winners and losers?
  • Jun 1 2018: Talk about meta. Or irony. Or something...the first news article in my Facebook "Trending" topics feature right now is... "Facebook is killing the controversial 'Trending' news section it showed on its homepage."
  • Jun 2 2018: Sorry, @StateFarm. I only buy insurance from companies that advertise on @iamsambee's Full Frontal.

After the jump, more repeat tweets.

  • Jun 4 2018: Open mic at RISD: A speaker wearing a "Moms Demand Action" t-shirt asked that RISD not arm teachers, giving IMO compelling arguments.
  • Jun 4 2018: Open mic at RISD: A student asked that RISD adopt policies about how long teachers can delay returning grades to students to allow them to learn from preliminary work before final tests. Sounds reasonable IMO.
  • Jun 4 2018: Open mic at RISD: Two speakers asked the board to ask voters for a 13 cent tax hike. One speaker (a former board candidate) asked for a smaller hike to avoid encouraging the failure of the state to adequately fund schools.
  • Jun 4 2018: If you like the unnecessary complexity of Texas's school finance formulae, you'll love the new rules for awarding schools a "simple" A-F letter grade.
  • Jun 4 2018: RISD school board deliberates raising property tax 13 cents. A couple dozen members of the public watch - two spoke in favor, one spoke for a smaller hike. No pitchforks. No torches. Resignation not enthusiasm all around.
  • Jun 4 2018: Congratulations to RISD on winning a big grant from Texas Instruments to expand STEM for all. Now give an "A" to the first student to point out that the interlocking gears in the STEM logo can't turn as designed.
  • Jun 4 2018: To the RISD school board member who wondered how Berkner's new STEM grant would affect fine arts: Read "Gödel, Escher, Bach" by Douglas Hofstadter to see how math, music, art, and intelligence are related through concepts like symmetry. In short, music is math.
  • Jun 5 2018: RISD school board was briefed on the details of state's new school A-F rating system. I'll stipulate the system is ridiculously complicated and that trustees should understand the details, but... 1/2
  • Jun 5 2018: I wonder if it's the best use of time. Kind of like if a race car driver, in the interest of driving faster, spent time learning all the details of how speedometers work. 2/2
  • Jun 5 2018: The Insult (2017): Lebanese Oscar nominee. A street insult ends up in court, uncovering Middle East wounds that never heal. At heart it's a personal story of two aggrieved and stubborn men and their struggle to deal with Lebanon's past and each other. B-
  • Jun 5 2018: Miss America scraps swimsuits. "Miss America will be a competition, not a pageant" says spokesman. I'm old enough to remember when Miss America huffily told the public it wasn't a "contest," it was a "pageant."
  • Jun 5 2018: Headline: "Iran informs UN of increase in nuclear enrichment capacity."
    But the Philadelphia Eagles sometimes knelt in prayer at football games...or something.
  • Jun 5 2018: RT @IHOb: "For 60 pancakin’ years, we’ve been IHOP. Now, we’re flippin’ our name to IHOb. Find out what it could b on 6.11.18."
  • Jun 6 2018: Open mic at RISD TRE public hearing: 27 people in audience. Pitchforks and torches are not in evidence (at least yet).
  • Jun 6 2018: Open mic at RISD TRE public hearing: Speaker against TRE says taxes are "going crazy." Claims Frisco voted down a tax hike without ill effect.
  • Jun 6 2018: Open mic at RISD TRE public hearing: Speaker for TRE says state legislature is denying school districts meaningful discretion in providing tier 2 enrichment. Pass TRE, then drive to Austin to let them know.
  • Jun 6 2018: Open mic at RISD TRE public hearing: Speaker for TRE says he was the biggest skeptic for TRE but after studying the budget he sees no alternative. Pass TRE or continue to lose teachers.
  • Jun 6 2018: Open mic at RISD TRE public hearing: Last speaker, a former candidate for board of trustees, calls for a YES vote for TRE.
  • Jun 6 2018: RISD trustee Eron Linn wants .06 tax hike, not .13. Doesn't say what he is willing to sacrifice, but claims .06 hike would still support teachers' raises. Says a bigger tax hike is a "bailout" of the state legislature. Votes NO on TRE.
  • Jun 7 2018: RT @RobertWilonsky: "So, yeah. I wrote something about that Robert Jeffress billboard on the toll road."
    Isn't the "in-your-face-Jews" billboard itself kind of counter-evidence for the message on it?
  • Jun 8 2018: "CNN's Anthony Bourdain dead at 61."
    How sad. His food/travel show was the best of the bunch. He took viewers to every corner of the earth and met and ate with the common people there, not just showing postcard sights.
  • Jun 8 2018: I fear Anthony Bourdain might have been telling us something we all missed, in his theme song on "Parts Unknown":
    "I took a walk through this beautiful world
    And felt the rain getting colder."
  • Jun 9 2018: In an interview Bordain explained what he asked for when he commissioned his theme song: "a mix of optimism but with a darkness." He got it. It's all the more meaningful given how his life played out.
  • Jun 9 2018: Been thinking a lot lately about Occam's Razor and why Trump has been so conciliatory to Putin and the Russians.
  • Jun 12 2018: Re: Trump/Kim summit: All trust. No verify.
  • Jun 13 2018: Molly's Game (2017): Former Olympic skier turns to running poker games until the stakes get too high and the FBI intervenes. Lots of fast dialog and narration that reduces cinematic quality but highlights the plot. Chastain and Elba top-notch. B+
  • Jun 15 2018: For the first time since gerrymandering locked up this seat for Pete Sessions, I have to think he's beatable. Thanks for overreaching, GOP.
  • Jun 16 2018: RT @PeteSessions: "Fixing our broken health care system has always been a priority. We must deliver solutions that empower patients to make their own decisions and ensure they have access to quality, affordable care."
    Then why do all your bills end up with *fewer* Americans having health insurance? You are not leveling with the voters in Richardson.
  • Jun 20 2018: RT @SteveSchmidtSES: "29 years and nine months ago I registered to vote and became a member of The Republican Party which was founded in 1854 to oppose slavery and stand for the dignity of human life. Today I renounce my membership in the Republican Party. It is fully the party of Trump."
    Read the whole thread. If America is to be saved, it will because of more people like Steve Schmidt thinking through the consequences of following our current path.
  • Jun 20 2018: RT @MHackman: "The White House will propose merging the Education and Labor Departments."
    Next, the merged department will work up a bill legalizing child labor.
  • Jun 21 2018: Ocean's 8 (2018): Heist sequel with switched genders. Nothing new here but it does show that women can ably fill these roles. Plot has more than a few holes, and gadgets outshine brains, but hey, the story was credited to a man. Still, fun overall. B-
  • Jun 21 2018: RT @TexasTribune: "Breaking: The feds are moving forward with land seizures to build the border wall in Texas."
    So much for conservative Texans' opposition to government use of eminent domain.
  • Jun 21 2018: Open mic at RISD public hearing on budget: 17 somnolent members of the public in attendance.
  • Jun 21 2018: Open mic at RISD public hearing on budget: special ed teacher calls for more staffing and support for staff.
  • Jun 21 2018: Open mic at RISD public hearing on budget: speaker says district is mismanaging money on bus barns and indoor practice fields. "Stop the treachery of the TRE."
  • Jun 21 2018: Open mic at RISD public hearing on budget: graduate and parent and member of strategic planning committee "strongly supports" TRE and budget.
  • Jun 21 2018: Open mic at RISD public hearing on budget: graduate and parent of graduate appreciates there is money for security and 2.5% teacher raises.
  • Jun 21 2018: Open mic at RISD public hearing on budget: A late arrival (predicted to be opposed to TRE, opposed to the budget, opposed to what have you) asks to speak and is told no, she needed to have requested to speak before meeting began. So that's a wrap.
  • Jun 21 2018: RISD trustees deliberate budget: Eron Linn says he understands that the time to consider TRE is past, then revisits his NO vote anyway, then calls for new spending on strength and conditioning coaches, then votes against budget. Ask him to explain. Budget passes 6-1.
  • Jun 22 2018: RT @Neil_Irwin: "Writers like me tend to refer to Chinese companies' alleged theft of American technology in vague terms. Here's a particularly vivid example."
  • Jun 23 2018: RT @JimLedford1: "Happy for Berkner’s own Keenan Evans as he signs with Golden State to play with their Summer League team."
    It's a great time to be a Ram!
  • Jun 25 2018: RT @jaketapper: "Does the Trump White House have standing to decry incivility?"
    Even phrasing this as a question reveals the press's complicity. #BothSides
  • Jun 26 2018: RT @jaketapper: "Roberts writes, for the majority, that there is 'persuasive evidence that the entry suspension has a legitimate grounding in national security concerns, quite apart from any religious hostility.'
    Today is the day that the "War on Terror" officially becomes a "War on Islam." God help us all.
  • Jun 27 2018: RT @NatashaBertrand: "McConnell on Kennedy retiring: 'It's imperative that the president's nominee be treated fairly.'
    Mitch McConnell derives sadistic pleasure from trolling us.
  • Jun 28 2018: Won't You Be My Neighbor? (2018): Documentary of Mr Rodgers, TV's original Mr Nice Guy, the anti-Trump. No one has a bad word to say about him, which saps the movie of drama, except late in his life, when conservatives who didn't like his tolerance began to attack him. Sad! C+
  • Jun 28 2018: How low have the Mavs sunk? This @NateSilver538 analysis gives the Mavs the third-worst chances of winning an NBA title if Lebron James signs with them. That's *with* Lebron James.
  • Jun 28 2018: My Supreme Court, according to this Twitter game:
    @ananavarro @ColinAllredTX @seidson @hookemkatie @TheSlowPath @koliver @BudKennedy @jaketapper @brandonformby.
    Not a bad court at all, compared to the Roberts court. Kudos to all my nominees.
  • Jun 29 2018: Ex Libris: The New York Public Library (2017): Cinéma vérité from Frederick Wiseman. Scenes of program planning, classes, lectures, book clubs, etc. Lots going on in libraries. Maybe too much for a movie. When I saw "Welfare" in 1975, I was mesmerized. But here, not so much. C-
  • Jun 30 2018: RT @guardian: "Susan Sarandon arrested at anti-Trump protest."
    Now she takes sides.
  • Jun 30 2018: RT @PeteSessions: "It's hot, but cmon out to the car show in Wylie."
    Wait. @PeteSessions tweets about going to a car show instead of one of the rallies to reunite children with their parents? Well, OK, then.

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