Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Repeat Tweets: Nasi Mexi-Goreng

Repeat tweets from April, 2018:

  • Apr 1 2018: The closest these Texans came to having a traditional Easter dinner in Jakarta was having quesadillas and something called Nasi Mexi-Goreng.
  • Apr 3 2018: Roman J. Israel, Esq. (2017): Aging civil rights lawyer has trouble fitting into modern legal system. Vehicle for Denzel Washington and he is superb, but character overwhelms story. C+
  • Apr 4 2018: Justice League (2017): Only as much plot as needed to give each superhero his or her time in front of the camera. With wisecracks. I guess the Flash stands out as most interesting character but that isn't saying much. C-
  • Apr 5 2018: Coco (2017): Oscar for animated feature. Boy travels to land of the dead in search of his gg-grandfather. Sweet tale about power of music and family. More music please. B-

After the jump, more repeat tweets.

  • Apr 6 2018: Replying to @RobertWilonsky: I understand being disappointed with cheap construction materials. But I don't understand how Oak Cliff or anywhere else can accommodate population growth by insisting on single family homes in urban growth areas.
  • Apr 9 2018: Isle of Dogs (2018): A noble but failed effort from Wes Anderson. Great stop-motion puppetry and hand-drawn animation, but plot is plodding and tone is flat and robotic. C-
  • Apr 9 2018: Questions Arise About Pete Sessions’ Secret Trip to Venezuela: "Sessions frequently works to ensure other countries are respecting democratic norms."
    He ignores Russian interference in US elections, but he's going to fix Venezuela elections. lol.
  • Apr 11 2018: The Greatest Showman (2017): Musical that's part fanciful biopic, part tale of fall and redemption, part love story, part celebration of humanity. It should have picked one of those and put all its energy there. Sum is less than the parts. B-
  • Apr 11 2018: @ColinAllredTX, during your own tenure, HUD's failure in Dallas to ensure funds intended to fight segregation actually were spent that way is something you need to apologize for, not treat as a resume highlight.
  • Apr 11 2018: Replying to @tgiovanetti: That you continue to believe that Ryan is a "deficit hawk" after he passed a tax cut that leaves us with trillion dollar deficits for as long as we can see, is evidence supporting Nate Silver's claim that Ryan's reputation is "impervious to contrary evidence."
  • Apr 13 2018: Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle (2017): Four teens get transported to a video game jungle as game's characters. Teen girl gets Jack Black's body, nyuck, nyuck. Makes original 1995 movie seem better in comparison. Neither enough excitement nor jokes. C-
  • Apr 13 2018: Washington Post, on Planet X: "You’re almost certainly wrong, but we respect your right to believe, and those tabloid headlines sure do have big font sizes."
    Almost??? A good example of MSM's inability to call falsehoods false.
  • Apr 13 2018: Mad City: Real-life crime. A series of murders on University of Wisconsin campus and one woman's decades-long quest for justice. Compelling subject but cliche-strewn writing. C+
  • Apr 13 2018: Trump's re-election odds are better than what I would have given him in 2016.
  • Apr 16 2018: Ready Player One (2018): In 2045 everyone spends more time in a virtual reality world than the real world. Movie is about that, but more about giving Steven Spielberg an opportunity to pay homage to every video game he played in his youth and every sci-fi movie he ever liked. C+
  • Apr 19 2018: I'm not a "radical lib" and I, too, think it makes a lot of sense, and I understand that "free healthcare" means it's paid for with a system of progressive taxation, not the individual fee-for-service model we have now. D'oh.
  • Apr 21 2018: Be careful when you reluctantly pick the candidate that you think might be the lesser of two evils. Just as true locally (e.g., George Clayton) as when voting for the highest office in the land.
  • Apr 21 2018: DNA evidence has been considered the gold standard for linking suspects to a crime scene. Latest thinking suggests trust is misplaced. If you're ever on a jury, make sure the prosecutor has multiple lines of evidence. gritsforbreakfast
  • Apr 22 2018: RT @CityLab: "Why are newspaper websites so horrible?"
    Dallas Morning News, he's talking about you.
  • Apr 23 2018: A Quiet Place (2018): A monster movie with a simple plot and lots of padding. The family love at the heart of the movie makes you care for the characters and overlook the plot holes and telegraphed ending. C+
  • Apr 23 2018: RT @MattMarcotte: "Today on local school politics Facebook page, candidate who nearly won election to the school board claiming Teach for America is a plot to infiltrate and destroy our schools."
    Also claims that the free enterprise system is incompatible with education. That is, selling for profit a product that educates children is a contradiction and must be fought. In fact, it's worse than that. Even giving away such products can't be tolerated.
  • Apr 24 2018: The Florida Project (2017): Children growing up in a cheap budget motel in Orlando in desperate need of a little structured play. Deft balance of charm and pathos. Cinéma vérité without a narrative arc, leaving things much as they began. Fun and sad. B+
  • Apr 25 2018: RT @quorumreport: "polls shows democrat nathan johnson and sen. don huffines in a dead heat."
    It will be interesting to see if @DonHuffines doubles down on the crazy trying to turn out his base, or tones down the crazy trying to keep the moderate Republicans from abandoning him.
  • Apr 25 2018: Reserve 25% of seats in middle schools for students scoring in bottom 50% of state test scores. Sounds like a color-blind way of addressing education equity. Where do I sign up?
  • Apr 26 2018: Everything old is new again.
    "In Wildness is the preservation of the world." —Henry David Thoreau.
  • Apr 27 2018: The Secret History: A murder mystery where the murder is revealed in the prologue and the consequences dominate the whole story. A coming-of-age psychological study of crime unpunished, innocence destroyed. B+
  • Apr 28 2018: No disrespect intended to @jaketapper, but just wanted to note that I tried Twitter's "Mute words" feature for the very first time. My muted word? "TheHellfireClub."

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