Monday, October 2, 2017

Repeat Tweets: San Francisco Hits 104°

Repeat tweets from September, 2017:

  • Sep 1 2017: "San Francisco hits 104°, breaking the city's all-time heat record, NWS says."
    Just throwing this out there, but maybe we ought to again consider the possibility that burning fossil fuels is changing the climate.
  • Sep 1 2017: RT @WalkableDFW: "car dependence makes our regional economy incredibly fragile."
    So does corn, the power grid, and our supply chains for just about everything. We are one disaster away from, well, disaster.
  • Sep 1 2017: RT @WalkableDFW: "which is why localized food and power production is mission critical."
    Choices. Localized food brings its own costs. 200 years of reducing cost thru comparative advantage and the globe is in precarious balance.
  • Sep 1 2017: Infinite Jest: 20-yr-old classic that takes 20 years to read. Great book...for literature majors. I'm too hard; there are hidden gems. C-

After the jump, more repeat tweets.

  • Sep 3 2017: How long has it been since Julian Assange was considered "a member of the left"? For that matter, same question about Vladimir Putin.
  • Sep 3 2017: Houston Health Dept says water is contaminated. It got that way *with* an EPA. So abolishing EPA should be best way to clean it up. Right?
  • Sep 5 2017: Texas Atty Gen Ken Paxton: Trump screwing DACA Americans is Obama's fault. Trump wouldn't have to screw them if Obama had done it himself.
  • Sep 6 2017: Won't defenders of Dallas's Robert E Lee statue also want to honor history by restoring name of Lee Park to its historic name Oak Lawn Park?
  • Sep 7 2017: Unless Congress gives Executive enough money to enforce the law, it's impossible to enforce them all. IRS enforcement is a perfect example.
  • Sep 7 2017: "Hypothesis: The US has not in fact become less religious over the 2 decades; the irreligious have become less hesitant about saying so."
    My hypothesis: The US has not become more gay... The US has not become more racist... etc. All for same reason...less hesitant to speak up.
  • Sep 7 2017: Maybe if we lie to him and say Starbucks' Pumpkin Cheesecake Frappuccino was Obama's idea, Trump would try to repeal it.
  • Sep 8 2017: Ingrid Goes West (2017): Expected a comedy. Got a portrait of a sad stalker who wants a friend. Needs some Aubrey Plaza quirkiness. C+
  • Sep 8 2017: Tom Paukin has blocked me on Twitter for years and I don't remember ever being as impolite as this. What gives?
  • Sep 9 2017: Think of the shelling on Sanibel and Captiva. What? Too soon?
  • Sep 9 2017: You have one job, and it's not trying to make @footballfights a thing. Stop it.
  • Sep 9 2017: MT: "Mexico offered aid to TX after Harvey. Trump hasn't even tweeted about Mexico's earthquake."
    Whoever knew presidenting was this hard?
  • Sep 10 2017: Well I guess now is not the time to talk about climate change or gun control.
  • Sep 11 2017: The scientific consensus on global warming has reached 99.94%. We are down to Floyd and Larry. Convinced yet?
  • Sep 11 2017: After dinner tonight with a friend, I told a joke. I then said it's time to leave. When I start telling jokes, I've had too many Cokes.
  • Sep 13 2017: Handsome (2017): Comedy detective tale. Quirky, maybe a little. Funny, not really. Mystery, not that either. Really nothing here. C-
  • Sep 13 2017: "Progress on the Dallas subway."
    This suburban resident welcomes Dallas's progress. Though why I should make common cause with Dallas eludes me. The favor's not returned.
  • Sep 14 2017: I Am Not Your Negro (2016): James Baldwin tells story of America through the lives of Medgar, Malcolm and Martin. Unresolved still today. A-
  • Sep 14 2017: Re: Robert E Lee statue removal. "Free at last, Free at last, Thank God almighty we are free at last." -- Martin Luther King Jr
  • Sep 15 2017: The Magnificent Seven (2016): Seven Samurai > 1960 version >> Three Amigos > 2017 version. And McQueen>>Pratt. No reason for this remake. C+
  • Sep 15 2017: Final: Berkner 35, Garland 16. It's a great time to be a Ram! #txhsfb @BerknerHS
  • Sep 16 2017: Bummer. Don't go through "The Art of the Cocktail" exhibit at the Dallas Museum of Art expecting free samples.
  • Sep 16 2017: Wisconsin's Alex Hornibrook was 18-19 with 4 TDs and 0 picks for a QB rating of 277.4 in Badgers' 40-6 win over BYU. Party on State Street.
  • Sep 18 2017: Top of the Lake: China Girl (TV): Males are misogynists. Females are damaged. It's their relationships that matter, not the mystery. C+
  • Sep 18 2017: Mark Lamster: "go for the kusama, stay for the steichen at the @DallasMuseumArt."
    Go for the Steichen definitely. Stay for the Kusama if you have disposable income ($1280/hour).
  • Sep 20 2017: Toni Erdmann (2016): German. Eccentric father inserts himself into daughter's business. Quirky at times. Original symbolism. Let's talk. B+
  • Sep 20 2017: Wade Emmert: "It's about time an American President unashamedly defended America rather than apologizing for her."
    Erdogan: Trump apologized to me over brawl between Turkish bodyguards and protestors.
  • Sep 21 2017: mother! (2017): Stimulating blend of religious myths. Most intense episode of Fixer-Upper ever. Writer's block is a bitch for the muse. A-
  • Sep 21 2017: Dave Lieber, the Watchdog, needs watching. He promises to act "in a fair and ethical way" but his publisher has to retract his charges in election story.
  • Sep 21 2017: "I'd like to see an Ike-like figure run in 2020 to rescue American politics from extremists on left and right."
    Ike was the last GOP president who left America better off when he left office, but I think I'd still have voted for Adlai Stevenson.
  • Sep 21 2017: Sen Cornyn on if there is enough regular order w Graham-Cassidy to get McCain to yes: "I think so, we're doing everything we know how to do."
    Our TX Senator. No committee hearings, no CBO score, no debate in full Senate. I have never heard such lying and I lived through Nixon.
  • Sep 22 2017: "High energy cosmic rays come from outside our galaxy."
    Build the Dome...and make Venus pay for it.
  • Sep 24 2017: I am an NFL owner (Green Bay Packers, one share) and I say let them express themselves. #TakeTheKnee
  • Sep 24 2017: "NASCAR owners threaten to fire drivers, crew members who protest national anthem."
    Others can never trust patriotism expressed, not voluntarily, but under threat of losing one's livelihood. #Sad #TakeTheKnee #1A
  • Sep 25 2017: "Robert E. Lee statue belongs in new Dallas Holocaust and Human Rights Museum."
    Museum doesn't want it. WTF? My respect for museum plummets.
  • Sep 25 2017: "General John Kelly totally agrees w/ my stance on NFL players and the fact that they should not be disrespecting our FLAG or GREAT COUNTRY!" -- Donald J Trump.
    "General Cornwallis totally agrees w/ my stance on colonists and the fact that they should not be disrespecting our TEA." -- George III
  • Sep 25 2017: Protesting injustice is an American tradition, whether it's taxation without representation or racism. Tyrants who suppress it be damned.
  • Sep 25 2017: "The key to understanding Trump: He likes people who like him. He hates people who don't like him. That's it."
    And, oh yeah, he's a racist.
  • Sep 26 2017: Tanna (2015): Tribal conflict on South Pacific island. Arranged marriage vs forbidden love. Universal tale based on true story. Lovely. A-
  • Sep 26 2017: I just got a fund-raising appeal from Trump. Not a word about health care, nuclear war, climate change or disaster in Puerto Rico. Sad!
  • Sep 26 2017: "Trump goes to all-time low AT TIME OF LARGEST REFUGEE CRISIS SINCE HITLER."
    This generation prepares to repeat the shameful mistakes of the past. Remember the voyage of the St. Louis.
  • Sep 26 2017: It occurs to me how we can stop the displays of disrespect toward our flag and anthem. Just tackle racism. Win-win. What's not to like?
  • Sep 26 2017: I haven't watched any NFL games this season. Now I fear I have to start watching or else the racists will think I'm with them. Sigh.
  • Sep 26 2017: "Sen. Bob Corker, Tennessee Republican, won't seek re-election next year."
    Sigh. Think how different the US could have been with a Senator Harold Ford, Jr.
  • Sep 26 2017: Why expect the Obamacare repeal effort to die? The Medicare and Medicaid repeal efforts never die. Repealers can attack again and again, year after year. Defenders have to be forever on guard.
  • Sep 26 2017: Re: Roy Moore in Alabama. More and more, it's like George Wallace won in 1968. Or Joe McCarthy in 1952. Or the Know Nothings in 1856. God help us.
  • Sep 26 2017: We all need to watch Ken Burns' 'Vietnam War.' It took 3 presidents for US to learn our lesson in Vietnam. We are now 3 presidents into the War on Terror in the Middle East with no sign of remembering that lesson yet.
  • Sep 26 2017: "National GOP throws itself behind man who called 9/11 divine punishmt, sought to ban gay sex & to block Muslim congressman from being sitted."
    Party over country.
  • Sep 27 2017: "Time to consider this proposition: GOP base voters are a danger to the nation. They are electing erratic extremists."
  • Sep 27 2017: "Nothing like crossing the curriculum with the Flower Duet in the MMB marching show!"
    High school football games in the RISD are worth the price of admission just for the marching band halftime show. And you get a game too!
  • Sep 27 2017: Today's award for unintended irony: "Protesters Banned At Atty Gen. Jeff Sessions's Lecture On Free Speech."
  • Sep 27 2017: "State officials may realize that things like good schools and good transit matter in the long run."
    One can hope.
  • Sep 27 2017: Got a fundraising email for Trump from Newt Gingrich. Not a word about Russia, health care, environment, budget deficit, or Puerto Rico.
  • Sep 28 2017: Hologram for the King (2016): US IT salesman has midlife crisis in Saudi Arabia. Starts exotic, ends preposterous. No reason to care. C+
  • Sep 28 2017: I'm old enough to remember when Republicans pretended to care about deficits.
  • Sep 28 2017: Trump in fundraising email (how I got on his list I'll never know), says, "In the first 9 months alone, we've delivered on our promises." No word on what he's delivered. Health care? Tax cuts for rich? Wall? Maybe NFL taunts, but that wasn't a promise, was it?
  • Sep 28 2017: "Toddler shoots 3-year-olds at unlicensed daycare run out of Michigan home."
    It goes without saying the gun was unlicensed too.
  • Sep 29 2017: "Many reasons Sen Budget Res is bad. But, here's one hidden nugget that undermines accountability and transparency. CBO = no longer required."
    I am old enough to remember when Republicans pretended to care about accountability, transparency and budget deficits.
  • Sep 29 2017: "Trump said that the U.S. GDP hasn't grown 3.1% in a 'very, very long time.' It grew 3.2% in Q1 of 2015."
    To be fair, for a three year old, two years is a very, very long time.
  • Sep 29 2017: "Health Secy Tom Price resigns amid private jet controversy."
    Is Tom Price going to pay the taxpayers back the money he owes them? Or did he decide keeping the money is worth more than keeping the job?
  • Sep 29 2017: Flynn, Spicer, Scaramuchi, Bannon, Price, ... Who knew when Trump promised to drain the swamp he was referring to so many of his own people?
  • Sep 29 2017: The Texas State Fair opens today...I knew there was a reason for the rain.
  • Sep 29 2017: Trump's fundraising email asks me to help "combat the flood of fake news and obstructionist attacks from the Left." Why me? Trump is asking the wrong person. I support investigative reporting into Trump's Washington swamp and obstructing his racism.
  • Sep 30 2017: The hateful and hurtful images that circulated in the RISD demonstrate the need for social and emotional learning in schools. Don't let up.
  • Sep 30 2017: Trump starts a war on NFL. His base calls for a boycott. But now Rush Limbaugh makes an abrupt U-turn. Limbaugh says it's the *Left* that hates the NFL. Because Left is against manhood. Boycott must not have been working.

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