Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Repeat Tweets: Watch the Uninsured Rate Drop

Repeat tweets from July, 2017:

  • Jul 4 2017: RT @sparksjls: "Watch the uninsured rate drop across the country as the ACA went into effect." @sparksjls
  • Watch Texas stand out as a laggard in this animation.
  • Jul 6 2017: RT @bonojl: "Poll: Most voters blame state for school money woes." mystatesman.com
  • I'll believe it when I see it at the polls in 2018.
  • Jul 6 2017: RT @EricCeleste: "Well, now. This is super interesting." @EricCeleste
  • Good for DMN. Better late than never. A win for Jim Schutze.
  • Jul 6 2017: RT @BraddJaffy: "In a span of 13 minutes, on foreign soil, Trump trashed the American free press, the U.S. intel community, and Obama."
    Trump's own apology tour??? But who is he apologizing to? Russia?
  • Jul 6 2017: RT @GregAbbott_TX: "Join me in a statewide call to stand with law enforcement on July 7. Let's band together to #BackTheBlue."
    You didn't stand with Texas police chiefs who opposed SB4.

After the jump, more repeat tweets.

  • Jul 7 2017: The Sympathizer: Vietnam War as seen by a spy in refugee community in America. No good guys and bad guys here, only moral ambivalence. A-
  • Jul 7 2017: RT @RatliffT: "Can @ChickfilA allow staff to say something other than 'my pleasure' please? It's like robots or Stepford wives."
    I'd even welcome, "Merry Christmas."
  • Jul 7 2017: RT @taykuy: "DOE Rick Perry at coal plant: 'Here's a little economics lesson: supply and demand. You put the supply out there and the demand will follow.'"
    Rick Perry attended Texas A&M. Call to Aggies: can someone please confirm that this is not the economics taught at College Station?
  • Jul 8 2017: RT @amanbatheja: "Group of teens in Fort Worth, Texas robbing Hispanics because 'they've got money and they don't call the police'" star-telegram.com
  • Expect more of this with SB4, the soft-on-crime, robber protection bill.
  • Jul 10 2017: Our region's problems can only be solved by coordinated action. D Magazine is at war with the suburbs and pretending not to be.
  • Jul 11 2017: The Salesman (2016): Iran. Collapsing apartment; collapsing relationship. Actor's wife is attacked. Tale of revenge with powerful ending. B-
  • Jul 11 2017: RT @AdrienneLaF: "Looks like Barack Obama. Talks like Barack Obama. Actually a lip-synching puppet." theatlantic.com
  • Wow. Gives new meaning to, "Who are you going to believe, me or your own lying eyes?"
  • Jul 11 2017: RT @DonaldJTrumpJr: "Here is page 4 (which did not post due to space constraints)."
    Something burger. With cheese fries.
  • Jul 11 2017: Bad day for Trump voters. O/H at hospital: "Four hours of Fox News. I said, turn on something positive. How about some Christian music?"
  • Jul 11 2017: RT @samstein: "here comes the cavalry."
    North Texas's Katrina Pierson? Cavalry? More like F-Troop.
  • Jul 13 2017: The BFG (2016): Orphan girl helps BFG end bullying in Giant Country. Sweet, even with CGI fart jokes. Good for kids and sick adults. C+
  • Jul 17 2017: RT @wickallison: "Jobs follow people. Dallas needs to repopulate its inner core. Start by replacing I-345 with workforce housing."
    Tame Central Expressway too.
  • Jul 18 2017: RT @davidfrum: "Senate majority whip says he had no idea of his own whip count."
    That's our own Texas Senator Cornyn.
  • Jul 19 2017: "2017 is so unexpectedly warm it is freaking out climate scientists." GOP keeps their cool...by ignoring facts.
  • Jul 20 2017: Get Out (2017): Psychological thriller. Guess Who's Coming to Dinner in The Twilight Zone. Big reveal is silly. Best PR for TSA ever. B+
  • Jul 20 2017: RT @kelsey_snell: "'That's a luxury we don't have' -@JohnCornyn when asked 'don't some people want to know the plan before they vote' on health care."
    That's our Texas Senator John Cornyn. Knowing the plan before voting on it is a "luxury." Not how I remember "How a Bill Becomes a Law."
  • Jul 24 2017: "US Inflation Remains Low, and That's a Problem." A fact to keep in mind during City of Richardson budget talks.
  • Jul 24 2017: RT @StevenTDennis: "Cornyn tells us he offered to drive McCain cross country in RV for health care vote."
    That's our Texas Senator John Cornyn, dragging sick senators across country to vote on bills sight unseen. #HowAGOPBillBecomesALaw
  • Jul 24 2017: RT @seidson: "There is a large bipartisan group of block voters for public education on fb. We will remember how you vote and will hold you accountable."
    Huffines, Villalba, Chen Button, Patrick, Abbott, et al, are betting voters will pull the GOP lever reliably in 2018 no matter what happens in 2017.
  • Jul 24 2017: RT @PreetBharara: "Why not just fire Sessions then? Problem is even Giuliani agrees recusal was right."
    How about replacing Sessions with a horse? Has anyone ever appointed a horse?
  • Jul 25 2017: Okja (2017): Korean girl & her giant pig. Evil meat industry. Bumbling animal rights activists. Heavy-handed. Who was intended audience? C-
  • Jul 25 2017: RT @seidson: "Did people go to the bathroom during debate?"
    Quit saying "people." Say "men" and "women." And demand to see their privates before deciding which noun to use for each person.
  • Jul 25 2017: Cray. His legacy will be defined by his vote, not a speech that contradicts his vote. History can't be fooled as easily as CNN.
  • Jul 25 2017: Watch what McCain does, not what he says. Only his votes matter.
  • Jul 26 2017: RT @davidfrum:
    "Q: Have you ever asked God for forgiveness?
    Trump A: I don't think so. I don't bring God into that picture. I don't." cnn.com
    Q. Have you ever sold your soul for political power?
    Evangelical answer: Um...
  • Jul 26 2017: RT @EricCeleste: "HOLE-LEEE shit is this terrible." @DMNOpinion
    What do you expect from the old curmudgeon, William Murchison? The stickler for historical accuracy should read The Myth of the Kindly General Lee
  • Jul 27 2017: It's not a joke. It's the plan all along. Pass the skinny bill into law while giving senators cover to claim they don't support it.
  • Jul 28 2017: Chasing Coral (2017): Documentary of massive die-off of coral worldwide due to global warming. Not 2100. Today. When will world wake up? A-
  • Jul 28 2017: McCain gets headlines, but credit Murkowski and Collins, too. And don't leave out the 48 Dems who also saved health care for millions.
  • Jul 28 2017: MT @SenJohnMcCain: "Skinny repeal fell short because it fell short of our promise to repeal & replace Obamacare with meaningful reform."
    Americans don't want ACA repeal or replace. They want it repaired. You don't tear down your house when the roof leaks. You fix the roof.
  • Jul 28 2017: RT @MarkSteger: "Because the Constitution doesn't allow for any such 'ironclad' assurance, Graham must vote no. Or he's lying. I know which one I'd bet on."
    If you bet on Lindsay Graham "lying", congratulations. You were right.
  • Jul 28 2017: RT @DavidNakamura: "Trump says that he's okay with police being rougher on arrested suspects, such as hitting their head on police car."
    DJT Junior's perp walk is going to be so awkward.
  • Jul 29 2017: RT @BillKristol: "Trump knows Senate R's won't get rid of filibuster. So he's setting up a (fake) excuse for failure. Six months in, Trump expects to fail."
    It's all relative. @BillKristol looked a fool during the Obama administration. Against Trump, he looks like a genius.
  • Jul 29 2017: Because of West Nile virus, City of Richardson will spray for mosquitoes. Also the hospital will expand by 150 beds. cor.net
  • Jul 29 2017: RT @PatrickSvitek: "And here are House members ranked by how many bills they're supporting that were identified by @GovAbbott's office."
    Good for Koop and Button (I might have to change my mind about her). Villalba? Not good at all.
  • Jul 29 2017: RT @pastors4txkids: "These are #txlege House members supporting vouchers."
    Thank you Linda Koop and Angie Chen Button. No thanks, Jason Villalba.
  • Jul 30 2017: RT @lynnsdavenport: "WTH is Sec. 45.116. TEXAS PUBLIC FINANCE AUTHORITY?" legis.state.tx.us
  • HB 272 is a different bill, regarding charter schools. Linda Koop gets no thanks for her support for charter schools.
  • Jul 30 2017: Dear @mcuban, if we let all the sick people just die, would the average person be any healthier?
  • Jul 31 2017: RT @ddiamond: "New proposal from 40 House Dems, GOP for Obamacare fixes." politico.com
  • What happened to the day when bipartisan efforts like this were the norm? Republicans, please, please work with Dems to fix health care.
  • Jul 31 2017: RT @ericawerner: "'I don't think he's got much experience in the Senate ..he's got a big job he oughta do that job and let us do our jobs'- Cornyn re Mulvaney"
    For TX GOP Senator Cornyn to even subtly criticize the Trump White House instead of saying everything is Obama's fault is news. Yuge news.

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