Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Repeat Tweets: Drats. I wasn't ready.

Repeat tweets from September, 2016:

  • Sep 1 2016: Drats. I wasn't ready. MT @MarkSolomonsr: "September is National Preparedness Month. Don't Wait. Make your emergency plan today."
  • Sep 1 2016: Department of Defense Budget: $585,000,000,000. Terrorism funding: $0. Lying Ted's disinformation: Priceless. Twitter.com
  • Sep 1 2016: RT @DonHuffines: "Dove season is a great time for Texans to get outdoors & enjoy the vast, unrivaled beauty of our great state!" And kill something.
  • Sep 1 2016: RT @GregAbbott_TX: "Texas will ban sanctuary cities & keep our communities safe." You can't have both. Sanctuary cities help keep our cities safe.

After the jump, more repeat tweets.

  • Sep 4 2016: Geaux Badgers!
  • Sep 12 2016: Embrace of the Serpent (2015): Amazonia in 1909, with shaman and scientist, false messiah and rubber barons. Heart of Darkness. B-
  • Sep 12 2016: Frozen Chosen (2014): Spear-fishing on frozen Lake Winnebago in Wisconsin. Will leave you cold, but if you grew up there, must see. C-
  • Sep 14 2016: Son of Saul (2015): Holocaust tale of futility. Premise unbelievable without insanity. Characters and acting leave me numb. Passionless. B-
  • Sep 14 2016: "Republicans seem to think that trying to stop financial fraud is a bigger problem than financial fraud itself."
  • Sep 15 2016: "Imagine if Mitt Romney were president amid this economy. He would be hailed as the second coming of Ronald Reagan."
  • Sep 15 2016: Yeah I know there is an NFL game on Thursday night but I'm watching the season premiere of Project Runway. #GuiltyPleasure
  • Sep 16 2016: RT @DonMcLeroy: "Wow! NCSE thinks this is threatening?" ncse.com. No @DonMcLeroy, what's threatening is using innocuous language as a way to introduce Creationism into science class.
  • Sep 19 2016: Arrgh, matey!
  • Sep 20 2016: "I think @roddreher may have self-radicalized on the internet." Well, he's one step closer to endorsing Trump. lawyersgunsmoneyblog.com
  • Sep 20 2016: RT @Berkner1516: "Comotology students learning how to use a razor." First cosmology. Now comotology. What will they be teaching those students next?
  • Sep 21 2016: Diplomacy (2014): Swedish diplomat and German general debate fate of Paris as Allies advance. Each faces the trolley problem. Gripping. A-l
  • Sep 22 2016: "Mark Davis is a right-wing profiteer." And a troll. That @timmytyper gives him publicity he seeks is regrettable. dmagazine.com
  • Sep 23 2016: Fundamentals of Caring (2016): Man takes care of handicapped teen. Both have issues. Road trip buddy movie. Sweet, but by the book. C+
  • Sep 23 2016: "Earth posts hottest August on record." Gary Johnson says not to worry -- Sun will expand and incinerate the Earth in a few billion years.
  • Sep 23 2016: Breaking: Ted Cruz admits his father did kill JFK. Or something like that.
  • Sep 23 2016: RT @WilliamKParker: "That's a wrap from The Boneyard. The Good Guys win this one 35-12." Good guys? Let's be good sports about it. Say Lake Highlands beats Berkner 35-12.
  • Sep 24 2016: RT @GlennThrush: "Never forget running into @tedcruz hours after he refused to endorse Trump in Cleveland - told me some decisions were a matter of principle." Cruz's firmest principle is to preserve one's viability as a national candidate for the GOP nomination for President in 2020.
  • Sep 25 2016: MT @DonHuffines: "The #2A safeguards all other God-given rights!" Misguided interpretations of #2A take away the rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness of too many victims of gun violence.
  • Sep 26 2016: A Brief History of Seven Killings: Jamaican politics in 1970s. Attempt on Bob Marley's life. Violent, vulgar, ambitious, exhausting. C+
  • Sep 26 2016: RT @jerryspringer: "Hillary Clinton belongs in the White House. Donald Trump belongs on my show."
  • Sep 28 2016: RT @costareports: "Ryan said Boehner had Cardinal Dolan call him, urging him to be speaker. Said Boehner played 'Catholic' card over and over to convince." Imagine the GOP shitstorm if this account were about Democratic politicians and, say, Islam.
  • Sep 28 2016: MT @DonHuffines: "This is really just the classic fight over free markets & low taxes vs big govt & job-killing regulations." Don Huffines, by "free markets" vs "big govt" you mean big corporations vs local govt. You're on the side of "big" and against homeowners.
  • Sep 29 2016: Anomalisa (2015): Motivational speaker has breakdown in Cincinnati hotel. Stop motion puppetry does little for this odd, wooden movie. C+
  • Sep 30 2016: Final: WT White 10, Berkner 35. Homecoming victory for the Rams. It's a great time to be a Ram! #txhsfb @BerknerHS