Thursday, October 27, 2016

Dallas to Suburbs: Drop Dead, Still

Recently, we reviewed the attitude by many in the city of Dallas that there should be no cooperation between the city and the suburbs. Here's what we said:
Regionalism is dead. It was killed over DART's desire to build both a downtown Dallas D2 line and a suburban Cotton Belt commuter train line...The sticking point is not D2. It's the Cotton Belt. The suburbs want it...The farther away from north Dallas you go, the greater the opposition to spending money on the Cotton Belt.
Source: The Wheel.
What's changed in the meantime? Nothing.

On October 25, DART voted on a 20 year financial plan that still included the Cotton Belt line in the plan. Dallas was outraged. Tim Rogers of D Magazine (The name is a bit egotistical — you're just supposed to know that "D" stands for Dallas, not Duncanville or Denton, or Dragon Boating or Dog Sledding for that matter. And "Magazine", well you're supposed to be old enough to know what those were, too) lays out the retribution planned for the five DART board members appointed by Dallas who voted the "wrong" way:
This seems pretty simple. We've got five lame duck DART board members who will be replaced at the earliest opportunity. Thanks for your service, folks.
Source: D Magazine.
Like I said before, "In short...Dallas to Suburbs: Drop Dead. Richardson can expect no cooperation from the City of Dallas in having the A in DART stand for Area."

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