Friday, September 2, 2016

Repeat Tweets: Donald Trump is a Shape Shifting Lizard

Repeat tweets from August, 2016:

  • Aug 2 2016: Fun pastime. Type "Donald Trump is..." into Google and see what Google suggests. I got "Donald Trump is a shape shifting lizard."
  • Aug 2 2016: Less fun pastime. Type "Hillary Clinton is..." into Google and see what Google suggests. I got HRC "is winning" and HRC "is a man."
  • Aug 2 2016: MT @GPollowitz: "Katrina Pierson just blamed Obama and Clinton for changing the ROE that "probably" cost Cptn Kahn his life." North Texas's own Katrina Pierson says time-traveling Obama is responsible for Capt Kahn's death in 2004.

After the jump, more repeat tweets.

  • Aug 3 2016: "Project-Based Learning (PBL) allows learners to develop skills by solving meaningful, real-world challenges."
  • Aug 6 2016: Job growth, low unemployment, poor polls. Trump has a lot of unskewing to do in 90 days.
  • Aug 6 2016: "US Wins The First Gold In Rio, In Air Rifle." America dominates sports with guns. Who woulda thunk?
  • Aug 6 2016: My tweet gets "liked" by a gun dealer. Who woulda thunk?
  • Aug 8 2016: MT @NASA_Johnson: ".@SenTedCruz gets an inside look at the @NASA_Orion mockup." Go to Mars, @SenTedCruz. Go! Go! Go! Just go.
  • Aug 9 2016: Stopping tyrannical govt in principal, yes. Stopping a
    President Clinton's SCOTUS pick, no. Despicable, @roddreher @roddreher
  • Aug 11 2016: Ouch. "Clinton just proposed more policies in one speech than Trump has in the entire campaign."
  • Aug 12 2016: Joy (2015): Many A-list stars, all upstaged by an infomercial mop. Not even earnest Jennifer Lawrence can save this predictable story. C+
  • Aug 13 2016: A writer who doesn't save his work in the cloud, now in desperate need of an open "Genius Bar." Irony can be rich. @roddreher
  • Aug 13 2016: MT @bigcmurr: "Watch @KatrinaPierson say America wasn't in Afghanistan & Obama started the Afgan War." Who is more clueless about history, Trump or his national spokesperson (from North Dallas) Katrina Pierson?
  • Aug 14 2016: A writer who doesn't save his work in the cloud, now in desperate need of an open "Genius Bar." Irony can be rich. @roddreher
  • Aug 14 2016: And now... blocked by @roddreher.
  • Aug 14 2016: .@roddreher upends reality: "multiculturalism and diversity has to end, because it's helping tear us apart."
  • Aug 15 2016: What do you know? A profile of North Dallas's Katrina Pierson that doesn't make her look bat-shit crazy. Texas Tribune
  • Aug 15 2016: Headline: "Rudy Giuliani Accused of Forgetting About 9/11." Surely, an Onion headline. No? Really?!?
  • Aug 16 2016: MT @DonHuffines: "Obama's Medicaid expansion was wrong for TX when it was first proposed & it's wrong for TX today!" Rejection of Medicaid expansion leaves millions of Texans uninsured. That is wrong. I blame @DonHuffines.
  • Aug 17 2016: Mustang (2015): Modern Turkish girls rebel against strict home life. Controversial depiction of rural Turkey. Clich├ęd, but still moving. B+
  • Aug 17 2016: Rod Dreher appeals for help in La. flooding by...attacking Black Lives Matter. Nation, help La. despite Rod Dreher.
  • Aug 17 2016: Congressman Pete Sessions is alleged to have brokered a deal with Democrats to divide Dallas County between them.
  • Aug 17 2016: Maybe a conspiracy theory (but from inside GOP), but explains why Sessions never has a viable Democratic opponent.
  • Aug 17 2016: MT @GregAbbott_TX: "The Supreme Court upheld Voter ID in a state with no in-person voter impersonation." Texas Gov. Abbott admits the stated justification for Voter ID law, voter impersonation fraud, is not a problem.
  • Aug 18 2016: MT @GregAbbott_TX: "Voter Fraud Is Real. Here Are 4 More Cases." Those 4 cases didn't involve voter impersonation. None would have been prevented by TX's law.
  • Aug 19 2016: How Not To Be Wrong: How math can help you avoid being misinformed in money, health, politics, and gambling. Both weighty and breezy. B-
  • Aug 23 2016: Theeb (2014): 10 yr-old boy with Arabs, Turks and an Englishman cross Arabian desert in 1916. Survival story as stark as the landscape. B-
  • Aug 23 2016: I sometimes use Comic Sans just to piss snobs off. #TrueConfessions
  • Aug 25 2016: Twinsters (2015): Korean twins raised apart in US and France who discover each other at age 25. Lightweight, giggles, emojis. I liked it. C+
  • Aug 26 2016: RT Ron Anthony: "BHS Cosmology students helping Berkner students get ready for tonight's game." I don't think that word means what you think it means.
  • Aug 28 2016: Rod Dreher: "Progressivism is degenerating into one big nervous breakdown in which mental pathologies are signs of virtue."
  • Aug 28 2016: RT @DonHuffines: "Has Obama rolled out the red carpet for murderous radical Islamic extremists?" America is strong. Strong enough to welcome refugees. Don't be weak, @DonHuffines.
  • Aug 29 2016: "Cullum and Yodh admit they aren't coming to the table with an alternate proposal — that's RISD's job, they say."
  • Aug 29 2016: RT Eron Linn: "Richardson ISD's community engagement efforts in Lake Highlands."
  • Aug 30 2016: TR Paul Krugman: "Something terrible has happened to pregnant women in Texas: their mortality rate has doubled in recent years."
  • Aug 31 2016: Dope (2015): Geek from tough hood wants to go to Harvard, gets mixed-up with drugs. Implausible plot and dialog. Vulgar, violent, dopey. D+