Sunday, May 1, 2016

Repeat Tweets: The Budget Deficit Is Too Low

Repeat tweets from April, 2016:

  • Apr 1 2016: "The budget deficit is too low." Not an April Fools story.
  • Apr 2 2016: Texas is stingy with tax dollars for public schools and Medicaid. Not for private events like Final Four in Houston.
  • Apr 4 2016: As Trump drops and Cruz rises on betting markets, odds of a Dem win in November have stayed the same.
  • Apr 4 2016: 23 years from the Four Tops to NWA. How does that even happen?

After the jump, more repeat tweets.

  • Apr 5 2016: .@GregAbbott_TX on @TreyWareShow this morning: "The purpose of this book is not to run for president." Four years before he announces his candidacy for president, Gov. Greg Abbott is already lying.
  • Apr 8 2016: 2 cases of voter impersonation in TX since 2002. Because of this, all students, poor, elderly have to hassle getting photo IDs.
  • Apr 8 2016: "The 10 Kinkiest Cities In Texas." Richardson makes the list. Alert the city's PR office. We're #1. We're #1.
  • Apr 9 2016: Berkner Symphony Full Orchestra invited to perform in Chicago at the Midwest Conference. This is a BIG honor. It's a great time to be a Ram!
  • Apr 11 2016: It just clicked that maybe the right's love of gun rights and mass incarceration of young black men is not coincidence.
  • Apr 12 2016: Straight Outta Compton (2015): I still don't like gangster rap, but I love this movie. Back story of the music and of modern America. A-
  • Apr 13 2016: MT: @DanScavino: "3 things @realDonaldTrump told his family every morning" Was one of them "Remember to register to vote?"
  • Apr 14 2016: Spotlight (2015): Based on true story. Principled. Important. Suspenseful. Maybe too tailored for Oscar notice, but it still delivers. A-
  • Apr 19 2016: The Big Short (2015): Outsiders bet against housing market and win. Don't blame the poor. Wall Street is rigged. Too many stories here. B-
  • Apr 20 2016: For the candidates who have no chance of winning enough delegates to clinch the nomination, I ask that you prayerfully consider uniting.
  • Apr 21 2016: Two Years Eight Months and Twenty-Eight Nights: Salman Rushdie's fan fiction of 1001 Arabian Nights. War with genies. Maybe better high. B-
  • Apr 27 2016: Barkley Marathons (2014): 100 mi footrace in Tenn mtns. A cult race runners love. Quirky founder has kept it noncommercial for 40 yrs. B+
  • Apr 27 2016: NY Times on Richardson: "Each one of these data centers is a little gold mine cranking out wealth for the city."
  • Apr 27 2016: Conventional wisdom is punishing savers and stifling growth. "The World Needs More U.S. Government Debt."
  • Apr 27 2016: MT @SenTedCruz: "My no. 1 priority as president is jobs, freedom and security." Isn't that 3 priorities? Oops.
  • Apr 27 2016: MT @DonHuffines: "Sign your name to keep men out of women's bathrooms!" .@DonHuffines would better spend his time keeping former GOP Congressmen out of boys' bathrooms.
  • Apr 27 2016: It just dawned on me. In six weeks, when @SenTedCruz ends his campaign, he'll come home to Texas. Can't there be some other ending?
  • Apr 27 2016: Every winning GOP presidential ticket in 40 year has included a Texan. With Austin-born @CarlyFiorina, @SenTedCruz has one now, too.
  • Apr 28 2016: .@DonMcLeroy is right. "God did it" is a simpler explanation of nature than, you know, science. So it must be right.Mark Steger added,
  • Apr 29 2016: RT @SenTedCruz: "US carrier denied port visit in Hong Kong. Proof that PRC isnt US partner. We should send carrier to Taiwan instead." .@SenTedCruz, why not just find out if Hong Kong beach sand can glow in the dark?