Friday, April 1, 2016

Repeat Tweets: Ride the Atomic Bomb Down

Repeat tweets from March, 2016:

  • Mar 1 2016: Trump supporter: "I might as well be like Slim Pickens and just ride the atomic bomb down and see what happens."
  • Mar 2 2016: If Clinton picks Julian Castro for veep, this Dallas segregation story will get the public attention it deserves.
  • Mar 2 2016: "Obama has a soft spot for homosexuals because of the years he spent as a male prostitute." -- likely SBOE member Mary Lou Bruner.

After the jump, more repeat tweets.

  • Mar 3 2016: Steve Jobs (2015): Even more an asshole in this one. Even his design skill is more egotistical fetish than genius here. Needs a reboot. C+
  • Mar 4 2016: The Texas State Board of Education is embarrassing. Mary Lou Bruner is soon-to-be Exhibit A.
  • Mar 4 2016: Fine print in spam email: "This message is for the exclusive use of the target entity. If your lordship is the recipient indicated not, ..."
  • Mar 9 2016: RT @MarkSteger: "Is today the day that the Trump circus wagon breaks an axle?" I guess not. I guess the GOP loves it some circus.
  • Mar 10 2016: Spectre (2015): You watch 007 for exotic locations and action, not plot or characters. On those low expectations, Spectre delivers. C+
  • Mar 11 2016: "He's winning. That’s all that matters." -- North Texas's own Katrina Pierson, top surrogate for Donald Trump.
  • Mar 12 2016: Unbelievably benign quote by incumbent @RatliffT in this story about a far right wacko candidate for SBOE.
  • Mar 13 2016: Former Berkner basketball star Soma Edo takes Fresno State to the NCAA tournament. It's a great time to be a Ram!
  • Mar 13 2016: Former Berkner basketball stars Kendal Yancy (Texas) and Keenan Evans (Texas Tech) are going to NCAA tourney. It's a great time to be a Ram!
  • Mar 14 2016: We're in that narrow window of time when GOP thought leaders condemn Trump and when they will close ranks behind him as party's nominee.
  • Mar 15 2016: RT @lauramaczka: "Whois@thegnat" ???
  • Mar 15 2016: MT @DallasPolitics: "Here's how Dallas should get rid of Confederate school names." Leave them in place until after November just in case President Trump makes the Confederacy great again.
  • Mar 15 2016: So I guess my summer 2015 prediction of a Walker/Rubio or Rubio/Walker GOP ticket is not looking very good tonight.
  • Mar 16 2016: Tangerines (2013): Fruit farmer in Caucasus carves out separate peace between two wounded soldiers. Implausible, sad and uplifting. B+
  • Mar 16 2016: Maybe Obama could get @PeteSessions's support for SCOTUS pick if picked David Copperfield.
  • Mar 17 2016: Ted Cruz is a cold, calculating, ambitious political animal. Maybe they all are, but it shows more with Cruz. There's nothing else there.
  • Mar 17 2016: Trump/Kasich 2016. Kasich's experience and seriousness temper Trump's insanity. And Trump will need his delegates. Expect a deal.
  • Mar 18 2016: Amy (2015): Documentary of Amy Winehouse. I knew the druggie tabloid fodder, not the genius jazz artist. My loss. Time to rectify that. A-
  • Mar 22 2016: Story highlights public corruption -- bribery, bid-rigging, etc. Texas Gov. Abbott sees reason to suppress voting rights. WTF?
  • Mar 28 2016: Purity: Another "major work" by Jonathan Franzen. Character study of dysfunction. Surface intimacy, readable but not memorable. B-
  • Mar 28 2016:
    1. Religious liberty ≠ bigotry.
    2. Bigots sometimes hide behind religious liberty.
    Both 1 and 2 can be true.
  • Mar 28 2016: "Katrina Pierson has proven she will stop at nothing to get herself into the spotlight." There's more. Much more.
  • Mar 29 2016: Caltech's Dr. Oliver Eslinger Named National Association of Basketball Coaches "Guardian of the Game." Cerebral.
  • Mar 31 2016: RT @NateSilver538: "Pew Research poll: 75% of voters say the media has given Donald Trump too much attention." Discuss.