Friday, January 30, 2015

Richardson, "Wonderfully Diverse Land of Opportunity"

"Don't read the comments". Always good advice. Still...

After an otherwise too-easy takedown of Sarah Palin by Jim Schutze in Unfair Park (in which he pitches the theory that Texas is becoming the Sarah Palin of states, using the example of the newly elected representative from Belton who wants Texas Muslim visitors to her Capitol office to pledge an oath of allegiance), there was one comment that I just can't help passing along to Richardson readers.
I love Texas. Batshit crazy right-wingers are not Texas. Texas is the wonderfully diverse land of opportunity and the American dream that I see in Richardson, for example, where people have gathered from all over the globe to seek opportunity and better themselves and their families. The crazies like that lady in Belton are like mesquite -- an unfortunate legacy of past mistakes.
Source: Unfair Park.
The commenter was "JimSX," who sounds a lot like Jim Schutze himself, making the comment all the more remarkable as perhaps the first kind thing Schutze has had to say about, not only Richardson, but any Dallas suburb.

Keep up the good work, Richardson. People are beginning to notice. First it was Patrick Kennedy who declared that Dallas's center of town had shifted to the general vicinity of Richardson. Now, it's Jim Schutze who praises Richardson for being the epitome of the wonderfully diverse land of opportunity that is Texas. For the hat trick, all we need is for someone to identify Richardson as a world-class city.

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